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Today we finally got another chance at concreteing rocks into the earth cellar walls. In the 18 days since our last chance to play with concrete we (but mostly David) have been finding more decent sized rocks and moving them to the wall and finding them places to fit. This meant that when I got home from work at lunch time today we were ready to just get straight to concreteing them into place.

I lost count somewhere around batch 3 or 4, but I think that we wound up mixing 6 or 7 batches total. The downhill side of the earth cellar is now looking much better, and those walls are nearly as high as the uphill side (which is as high as it is going to be before we add the roof).

I didn't get a photo as it was starting to rain as we finished, so we just covered the work with a tarp, cleaned up and came inside. With luck I will remember to take one next time I am outside.


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