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Last night I was feeling like I may be coming down with a sore throat, so I went to bed early. After nine hours of sleep I was feeling just well enough that I went in to work, but then needed another two hour nap this afternoon after working my half day, after which my throat had a hint of hurting when I swallow, but doesn't hurt if I don't, so I am clearly still fighting off some sort of virus or something. Therefore I contacted the people I had hoped to meet with to discuss Norrskensfesten stuff, and they are all either out of town or otherwise busy today anyway, so I contacted the other guy with the room key, and he and his wife can't make it because she is sick, so I announced on FB that the meeting is canceled and stayed home. Hopefully tomorrow I will be feeling better.
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I had it when I got to the Frostheim crafts/social night tonight, but very soon after I arrived it became hard to reply to questions as my voice was pretty much gone. This is kinda inconvenient. I sure hope that whatever took it isn't contagious, since we had 8 of us there tonight working on silk painted banners for the group (and a variety of personal projects, too). Luckily I don't really have any other symptoms, other than once every three or four hours I kinda want to cough. If I choose to do so (and it is, so far, totally optional) mostly nothing happens, but once this afternoon I managed to cough up a bit of yellow ick. Also luckily, it is a long weekend, so I can rest and, hopefully, avoid getting any sicker.

Yesterday I asked on Facebook for suggestions for leads to possible sites for Norrskensfesten, and one of my folk dance friends suggested Blackis, a place on the other side of town that is often used for dances, that I had never even heard of. The photos I have managed to find on line make it look promising, in that it has a room that looks plenty big enough to do the feast the way I like to run it, but with less crowding. However, I hear that its kitchen is kinda small. I have an appointment to go look at it on Tuesday, and see if we can make it work, or if I need to keep looking, or just decide to stick with the same site we have been using.
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Since C. has now moved in with us and we are three in the house, we decided it would be a good idea to put regular household meetings onto the calendar, so we could discuss things that matter with respect to topics like finances, house cleaning, events we want to attend, etc., and we decided on Friday evenings as the default for that, accepting the fact that sometimes there would be something else on that evening and we would need to adjust.

However, on Wednesday evening, just after dinner (which was after accomplishing four batches of concrete for the earth cellar walls, yay!), we decided we were already inspired to have a pre-meeting financial discussion )

That meeting took a few hours, but it was good to have, because we then pedaled into town on Thursday to have the bank do a new three-person joint account for buying groceries etc. The guy at the bank had problems understanding why we would want such a thing, when we can just swish cash between us. We explained that it makes accounting much simpler to do it this way, and didn't mention just how close the relationship between the three of us is (indeed, he looked like his brain would break if we had).

Normally we will be having our meetings on Friday evening, but since we are on vacation this week, and we thought the first meeting would take longer than usual, we opted to start in the early afternoon. Good thing we did. The meeting ran for nine hours, thirty minutes (including fika breaks). But now we are all on the same page as to:

*What the cleaning rotation will be (three main stations: A. bathrooms B. upstairs dusting/vacuuming C. downstairs dusting/vacuuming, with each of us to be responsible for one of them each week, and the next the following week), exactly what is expected to be done for each, and what daily cleaning tasks are expected. We are all fussy about cleanliness, but we each have different "this is really important" things, and we all agreed that it is best to make certain that all of them are taken care of.

*What our social calendar will look like this autumn. We are making an effort to make certain that we set aside some time each week for the three of us to do things together, and that there is time for each pair of us to do stuff just two at a time, and that each of us gets enough alone time each week, while still managing to get to the regular activities that we want to attend (choir, nyckleharpa, Frostheim, dance, etc.)

*What home improvement projects are urgent, which are moderately important, and which ones can take longer time.

Each of these took much longer to discus and find appropriate compromises for when needed than it does to type it up now, so I managed to get lots of progress on the sewing of my jester costume, and the day was well spent. But it is now well past bedtime, so I had best close this and do my yoga.

Oh--before I forget, I had an email from my step-sister who reports that mom is doing better and already getting mobility back in her arm etc., and in good spirits and joking, but will be spending some time staying at a hospital for further rehab etc. Thanks for the good wishes.
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When I woke up this morning I started the day as usual--started doing my situps etc. while still in bed, and turned on wireless on my phone so that I could read LJ while doing the exercises. However, when I did the phone downloaded an email from my sister letting me know that mom had had a stroke. Her little sister recently died after having had a stroke, so that word looks really scary in conjunction with a loved one. Luckily, the next sentence was "alert and verbal, but tried", which doesn't sound so scary, she went on to say:

"She had just dropped the girls off at camp, when her arm and mouth suddenly felt tingley. An ambulance was called and took her to the nearest hospital. Current she can't move her right arm much, her right leg is a bit numb, and her speech is every so slightly slurred (barely noticeable).

She got to the hospital soon enough and met all the requirements for them to give her TPA, a medicine that breaks up blood clots and can be very helpful with stroke recovery. She's recovered a bit of movement in her fingers so far."

Which I hope is good news, but I guess I have to wait and see.

My step-sister, A., who lives in San Francisco, will be flying up to Seattle this weekend to see mom, but that isn't really an option for me.

So after reading the letter to [livejournal.com profile] lord_kjar and C. and replying to the message I resumed my morning situps (somehow I forgot to keep doing them when I read the letter), then got yo and did my workout, picked some black currants and put them into the food dehydrator, helped [livejournal.com profile] lord_kjar with some work on the pantry shelves in progress, and then finally sat down to the computer late this evening. After paging down through lots of fb stuff it finally showed me a post to the Frostheim group saying that tonight was the first on campus meeting of the semester, but it was late enough when I saw the announcement that the people who had attended had already gone home. Oops.

Now I should go do my yoga and get some sleep...
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On Thursday I noticed that vague feeling in the back of the throat that can signal that one might be getting sick, so I took a hot shower and made a point of sleeping in on Friday, when I had enough energy in the morning to do my workout, and still had energy in the early evening for acroyoga at Phire practice, but still felt kinda like I was on the edge of being sick, and after Phire my energy levels dropped, my nose started really dripping, and I took a hot shower (which helped) and went to bed early, waking up in the middle of the night for another hot shower (which also helped), and then back to bed, and then, at 04:00, I had enough energy that I got up and did my workout early, then went back to bed.

When I finally got up a bit after 08:00 I was feeling ok, but not totally healthy, but manged to accomplish useful stuff (including bringing more dirt from the field and manure from the pile at the far end of the field to the new raised beds for spinach and silverbeet that we are putting in in front of the office window), but by late afternoon my nose was drippy, my eyes hurt, and all I had energy for was reading (I finished the book I was reading), and I again went to bed early, after yet another hot shower (which helped), and again got up in the middle of the night for another hot shower (which helped).

Once again, I woke up with energy and did my workout at 04:00, took another hot shower, and went back to bed for another three hours or so of sleep. After breakfast [livejournal.com profile] lord_kjar and I did some work on the earth cellar. We found and brought up a rock that perfectly fills the space between the wall and the beginning of the alleyway, that should make a perfect base for the really big rock we plan to put at the corner of the wall by the door, then we split the pointy bit off of the top of said really big rock (by using the concrete drill to drill holes in the rock, then setting steel rods into the holes and hammering them with a sledge hammer). We then tried to stand it upright to see if that was enough, or we need to make any further changes. However, this is a really big rock, which means that the process involves him using all of his strength/mass to use the steel rod to lift a corner a little bit, while I shove a rock into the gap, then switch to the other side and lift it a bit while I stick in another rock. Repeat, with successively larger rocks. We manged to get it lifted about 20 degrees, give or take a bit, but by then we were tired and hungry and needed lunch, so we will have to finish that job another day. That rock is so going to take a tractor to move into place--if it is this hard to lift, I don't want to try moving it.

That three hour session outside used up all of my energy, and my nose and eyes were worse, so I just took it easy till time for dance. I considered not going to dance, thinking that it was a cold, and not wanting to share a virus, but since we are now doing the rehearsals for our upcoming dance performances, and we have only as many dancers as we need for the dances, we opted to go in. When I told our teacher I was sick, and complained that the worst was the way it made my eyes hurt and sensitive to light, she wondered if I were also reacting to pollen.

By bedtime I was really miserable, so I took another hot shower, which helped while I was in it, but my eyes hurt again pretty much as soon as I was out of the shower. Therefore I started this morning by trying to find an open drug store. The first two I tired don't open till 09:00, but the one attached to the big grocery store out in the big-box store neighbourhood opens at 8:00 (I was there at 08:08). The lady there sold me a once-a-day allergy tablet, and now, a bit more than an hour after taking one, my eyes aren't nearly so red.
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For the first time in days I woke up with energy this morning, and was able to engage in my (nearly) normal routine. I actually did my morning "before getting out of bed situps" while reading livejournal, email, and checking the weather report. Then I got up and actually spent 27 minutes doing the exercises suggested by my phone app. Now, I am not stupid, I didn't jump right back in with the full workout--that was doing about 1/3 of today's recommended exercises (e.g. 25 long arm crunches instead of 75, 3 pushups instead on 9, etc.), but it felt so GOOD to be able MOVE again! Then, after breakfast I did the vacuuming that should have been done days ago, and I have chopped some ice from the front steps, and even gone for a short walk.

While out for the walk I saw three deer standing on the edge of the ice way across the other side of the wet lands that runs across the bottom of our property. They are so tiny at that distance!

I still have a bit of a cough, but now when stuff comes up (not often), it is the thick yellow stuff that I think of as "we won this battle, now nothing left but clean up to accomplish". Sadly I still can't breath deeply without coughing, but I can do breath of fire, so I am trying to remember do do that regularly, in hopes that it will help clear out my lungs so I can breath normally again.

Now it is 11:00, and I probably ought to actually do the work for which I brought the work computer home, because once we head to [livejournal.com profile] lord_kjar's parent's house tomorrow I am unlikely to do any work till after we get back.
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You might recall that last weekend I came down with a cold, which I managed to cook out of the system on Monday. I felt much better for a couple of days, but then I either got a new one or the first had some tricks left. This time the expression is coughing ick out of my lungs combined with muscle aches.

It got particularly bad on Friday morning, resulting in my actually taking alvadon for the pain and going back to sleep. Luckily, I felt much better Friday afternoon, so was able to bake some bread to take to the Frostheim Jul potluck dinner.

The bread came out of the oven exactly on time for me to head out the door to open the hall at 17:00 (we have a key to the Gillestugan in Gammelstad). I was first on site, but others arrived within seconds, and it took very little time to set up some tables and put out food.

My energy levels were low so I only sat at my place, chatted with people sitting nearby, and enjoyed how much energy the kids displayed as they ran around.

However, as the evening progressed I got more tired, and wound up deciding to head home at around 20:30. Two others were also tired, so I drove them home, which was nice for the company.

[livejournal.com profile] lord_kjar had driven his company car, so I gave him the key and he enjoyed staying till the end. Indeed, several of them moved to the home of one of the members and hung out for a few more hours.

Today I am still low energy, and was coughing a fair bit this morning, so I wound up canceling the gaming session I had planned to participate in, and napped the morning away.

Luckily, there is nothing on tomorrow's calendar.
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Monday evening I went to bed early, since I wasn't feeling well, and woke in the middle of the night drenched in sweat, which appears to have been enough to chase away whatever virus had dared to try to infiltrate, because I have been feeling pretty good since then. Tuesday morning I had the energy to do my morning phone-app workout before work, but I choose not to try walking or biking, since I knew that I would have my first meeting with my personal trainer that afternoon, and I wanted to be certain that I still had energy when the time came.

It worked, and the meeting went well. The session was mostly about him seeing what I can and cannot already do in terms of balance, flexibility, and strength, and he gave me a few things to work on at home over the holidays. The real workout program will begin in January.

After the meeting I returned to my office, ate a quick lunch, and worked another couple of hours. Then I had a light snack and went over to the Phire practice and hung out for a bit. No aerial silks on Tuesdays, since we are in the Dramasalan, not the gym, and there isn't a place we can hang them (but we did brain storm some possibilities), but I did pass on the exercises I was given to S, who would love a personal trainer, but student budgets don't stretch that far. If I make a habit of working with her, I will, in theory, better remember what he taught me.

Then I spent the rest of the evening helping V with the last of the sewing for his costume for the new Star Wars movie premier, while O worked on painting the accessories for his. It would have been smart to head home early, but I was having fun, and we were making good progress on the costume, so I stayed till we were done, and then went home and did yoga, and finally got to sleep somewhere after midnight.

This morning I again had the energy to do my morning workout, but I didn't get out of bed early enough to walk or bike in, so I got a ride with [livejournal.com profile] lord_kjar. To make up for it I took the scenic route home from work today--through the forest of the Nature Reserve. It takes a bit longer (53 minutes vs 45), but totally worth it for the increased beauty. The mid-day sun at this time of the year does clear the horizon, but not the tree line, so the forest is well lit, but in an ethereal way, with lots of dusky purple, pink, and blue tones to the snow. Since temperatures today are around -10 C the trees were all lightly coated with ice, letting them partake in the light show.

Not that we have much snow yet--the total accumulation is not more than 4 or 5 cm, but it is enough to make the world pretty. And to show the tracks of everything. That path is mostly used by people, dogs, skiers, and, in the latter part, snow machines, but deer and rabbit have also crossed the path.

This evening I will be joining some of the Phire guys for the movie, which is a good opportunity to use the movie gift certificate I was given for my birthday. I didn't need to make a new costume--I still have the jedi-inspired robes we made for a party my first year in Sweden, and, of course, there is a light saber in the sword cupboard...
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Since I hadn't been feeling well I took a hot shower and lay down to sleep around 20:15. Not quite two hours later I woke up soaking wet and not really feeling sick anymore. So I have changed the doona cover to a dry one, had another hot shower, and will try getting more sleep so that tomorrow can be a productive and energetic day.
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The cold that had been threatening on Sunday was manifesting a bit more this morning. I managed to do my morning phone-app workout anyway, by taking it slow and gentle. However, once I was done I couldn't face the thought of walking or biking in to the office, so I lay back down next to [livejournal.com profile] lord_kjar with the thought that I could ride in to work with him when he got up.

A half hour later, when his alarm went off, I decided that I didn't have the energy to go in at all, so I got up long enough to e-mail the "taking a sick day" address and also sent a note to the two collegues who would care. Then I went back to bed and slept for another 2.5 hours, bringing my total for the night to really lots.

Today has consisted of reading, a little sewing, frequent hot showers, and rest. Hopfully I have lots of energy tomorrow since there are things at work that should have been done last week, and tomorrow is my first session with the personal trainer.
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Since I am still a good 15 or more hours out from finishing my bliaut (81 hours of sewing time so far), but I was feeling restless and not wanting to focus on stitching yesterday, we decided to turn on a film to keep me distracted whilst stitching. I know that this works for many people, but it turns out that for me this isn't a good idea if the goal is to actually make progress on the stitching.

On Friday I sat down and stitched for 10 to 40 minutes at a time, many times over the course of the day, during which I only stitched. 1 hour and 46 minutes of that time was needed to do one of the seams of a long skirt gore and finish it (flat-felled seams). On Saturday I stitched in only two sessions, each just under an hour and a half, and in that combined not-quite three hours I managed *one* seam of a long skirt gore. In other words, it takes nearly twice as long to do a seam if I am also watching a film.

Part of the problem must be my need for subtitles to tell what is going on--all too often the actors mumble or the volume isn't quite loud enough, but with the subtitles I normally catch everything and don't have to ask "what did he say" every couple of minutes. However, at the time it didn't feel like the watching was interfering with the sewing progress, it was only later comparing the numbers that it really stood out.

Part of me would like to not try to have this dress done before heading to Australia--I don't care to work on projects to a deadline--the feeling of "must" work on it doesn't make it more fun, and, in fact, makes it less fun. But it is summer in Australia, and the lightweight summer costumes I have left are all old and worn out and I don't really want to wear them to an event, unless it were to work in the kitchen or play in the mud or something like that. So I keep stitching, and not knowing if it will be possible to finish it.

So far I have the sleeves completely done and attached to the body, and one set of side gores is done and attached to the body. The second set of side gores is part way through attaching the third, of seven, triangles to one another. I know from the above that I can do one of those seams in 1.75 hours, if I am focusing on it, which means that in around ten more hours I will have that set of side gores attached to the dress and can, finally, do the fitting of the waist, hem the side openings, and attach the laces. Then I need to finish the last of the smaller inset skirt gores (I think there is about 1.5 seams left of those, and I would guess they are enough shorter than the side gores that 1.5 hours a seam will do it), and then inset all four of them into the body panels of the dress, which will probably take another 12 hours. Then I can finally start attaching the trim to the ~10 meters of hem.

I am confidant that if I manage to do all of the rest of the sewing before the flight that the 20 hour trip to Australia should see the hem done, and I can wear the dress at the event (which is the first Saturday I am there, and I land on a Friday). Some time could be saved if I didn't try to inset all (or any?) of the gores before the event. Since I haven't cut the slits for them yet it would work to just have the side gores. However, the skirt wouldn't be nearly as full and as wonderful, and it would mean cutting the trim on the bottom when I finally added the skirt gores later, and putting new chunks of trim over the hem of the gores, which would translate to at least nine lumpy seams in the trim of the hem, instead of the two I think I can get away with now (since no one piece of the trim is long enough to do the full hem at one go), which isn't a terribly attractive consequence of rushing the project in that manner (or I could take off the trim from the hem and re-do it after the gores are inset, but given how this fabric loves to fray, that isn't appealing, either).

In other news, yesterday's morning dance exchange was much fun. I got some good ideas from how she did the intro to polska (which is not to be confused with polka, which is a different dance) that I will be able to use when I do the session on Swedish Folk dance for folk dance group in Hobart, and everyone seemed to enjoy the Renaissance dance session [livejournal.com profile] lord_kjar and I did. However, he wasn't feeling very well--woke up with a cough and kind of achy, so we went home at noon, rather than staying for lunch and dancing in the afternoon session. We took a nap, which helped some, but by the time evening rolled around neither of us felt up to heading back out for the evening folk dance session, which was a shame to miss, since they don't happen all that often, but neither of us have time to actually be sick, and dancing when one's body is first fighting off the early attempts of virus invasion is a good way to let the virus get enough of a grip to cause some serious discomfort, while taking it easy at that stage is a good way to vanquish the invaders and resume normal life quickly. I feel much better this morning, so perhaps it worked. We will see how energy levels are doing when it comes time for our normal Sunday evening folk dance session.
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...but there are so many interesting things to do!

This week they installed the ICP-MS at work, even though they can't install the laser ablation system till next year (due to complications that include someone failing to order the gas containers from the US, and the connection points are not compatible with gas containers manufactured in Europe). They managed to get it on line and pretty much working on Monday, which meant that on Tuesday they started doing training for us. Since the guys doing the training have come up from Stockholm and are only here a few days that means that I get to work full time this week instead of my normal half time, so that I can get full benefit of their availability. (I have anticipated this need, and so have been careful to work a little less each day most of this month, so that I would have the extra hours available now so I could be here long days and not go over my total number of hours for the month.)

However, the fact that I am coming home much later than normal has not translated into doing less things with my time at home. On the contrary, I have added yet new projects into the mix. We have some little round wooden boxes we found at a second hand store some time back, and inspired by some beautiful painted ones that [livejournal.com profile] 12c_yseult did and posted photos of not too long back, I decided that I should paint these. I gave them a base and second coat in white early in the week, and then had to actually decide what to paint on them.

So I sat down to the computer and looked through the various files I have created in CorelDraw over the years, to see if any happened to be suitable for such a project. As luck would have it, I once did a vector drawing tracing of a Pictish pattern which I used to decorate a wax tablet I had made as a gift for my apprentice in Tasmania. That pattern was proportioned perfectly to go around the circumference of the box below the lid, so I decided to go for it, for at least one of the boxes.

However, I didn't want only the sides decorated, I wanted something nice for the top, too. So I took the pattern and tried to make it look good in a round. It took quite a while (almost four hours) of messing with it, but once I realized that, rather than having six repeats of the pattern around the circle, it would work better with eight suddenly it just worked, and I had a pattern I was happy with.

That was Tuesday evening, vanished into art projects, and by the time I finished yoga and went to bed it was pretty much midnight. Oops. This made me really tired on Wednesday for training. Tired enough that I forgot that I had an appointment scheduled with a physical therapist for Wednesday evening, until it was pretty much 16:00. That complicated things, since the appointment was scheduled for 17:00, and I was at the office, the appointment was in town, and our car was at home (where it is supposed to be).

I realized that I didn't really have time to do the 45 minute walk home to get the car and still do the drive into town to make the appointment on time. I also noticed that the PhD student in the next office was still in the building (everyone else on our corridor had already gone home for the day). So I explained to him my problem, and asked if he had a car nearby. He did--he lives in an apartment only a five minute walk away, so we walked over there, picked up his car key from the apt. and then he drove me home. That gave me enough time to plug in the car to warm up a little, use the toilet, grab a bite of food to go, and head to town, where I managed to find the location of the appointment fairly easily and was in just enough time to check in and pay the fee before the physical therapist was ready to see me.

The reason I had booked the appointment was because the last time I flew to Australia my hips really hurt by the time I got there, and they continued to bother me any time I sat for a long time or tried to sleep curled up (which had been my normal way to sleep before that trip).

I had had good success with my visit to the physical therapist training session in October, where I let them use me as a teaching example for the students, and they determined that the reason my back had been hurting when I slept was that I had been neglecting my muscles under my shoulder blades. After I started doing the exercises to strengthening those muscles I could sleep without back pain again. Therefore I decided to see if there was anything I could do to prevent having hip pains when I fly back to Australia in February, and booked an appointment directly with the teacher who had done October's lesson.

This turns out to have been a really good idea. He tells me that my problem is a mild case of FAI, where my hip joint is interfering with itself--instead of the leg bone rotating smoothly within my hip it starts to rotate, then shifts just enough that the leg bone bumps into the hip bone (which makes a clicking sound) before jumping past the bump and continuing to lift the leg. This is caused (at least in part) by my having neglected the small muscles in my bottom, which should be strong enough to keep the bones from bumping into one another, but aren't. In my case the issue is minor enough that I hadn't noticed it--when I try to lift my leg it moves, and I didn't realize that I was using only the big muscles and not the little ones which are supposed to be participating in the job.

As an aside, I suspect that this problem first started the year I first moved to Tassie--I remember having a problem with the muscles in my but hurting to the point that even doing a forward bend was a problem--when I did one during yoga (that was before I had started doing yoga daily, but I was doing it fairly often and wanting to do it more) it felt like the muscle was catching on something and getting stuck. Mom paid for me to see a physical therapist at the time, and he showed me a stretch I could do wherein I would lay on my side with my leg and hip bent and an friend would put an elbow into my but--if they hit the sore spot it would make my toes tingle and a sharp, yet pleasant pain, would result in the muscles of my but. The first year or three we were together [livejournal.com profile] clovis_t would do that for me often, and, gradually, I felt like I needed it less and less often. Now I have a hypothesis that it was while that was a problem that I first started using other muscles instead of those.

But back to the present...

The physical therapist gave me a couple of exercises I can do to strengthen those muscles, and he did a pretty intense stretch of my hip for me before I went home. It feels like it will help, and I am seriously motivated to do the exercises--I really don't want a repeat of that hip pain when I travel!

After I got home from my appointment I baked a batch of cookies as a thank you for the PhD student who had driven me home so that I could get there on time. Between that and getting distracted with email/FB I didn't get yoga done till late, and it was, once again midnight before I went to bed.

Which, once again, made me tired for our training at work today. Oops. Tired enough that I got a ride partway home from [livejournal.com profile] lord_kjar rather than walking all the way (he happened to be driving home as I was already underway). Once we were home he grabbed some food and went to his computer to relax after a difficult day at work and I grabbed some food and fell into a book (which I finally finished! This makes 28 books read in 2014, which is way more than last year's 13). Then I got inspired and cleaned out the set of wire drawers that had been on the shelf in the corner near [livejournal.com profile] lord_kjar's computer desk to free up that space for the new printer (which is sized like the spot had been designed with it in mind) and then spent an hour painting the design onto the first little box.

I considered being smart and putting the painting off for another day, but then realized that I want to bring the box with me to the SCA event on Saturday (since it is such a good size for holding my little embroidery snips, thread, and needle case), and that if I didn't do the painting today it wouldn't be dry enough to use on the weekend.

So, now it is nearly 23:00 and I still have yoga and physical therapy exercises to do before bed, and, even though tomorrow is Friday, which I normally have off, I will be going in to work for one final half day of training before they fly back to Stockholm. Therefore I had better close this here. Hope all of you have had a good week! (and that some of you will post about it)
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Life has been delightfully pleasant--full but not hectic, with a bit of emphasis on music lately. I am now the person responsible for taking the photocopies of new sheet music for choir and typing the music into NoteworthyComposer to make midi files so that we can all listen to our parts and practice at home. I was really delighted when I found out that the midi files it exports come with text, and when one plays the midi there is a little blue box that highlights the syllable that goes with the note playing at the moment. This is fun, but a little challenging since I have no music training whatsoever, and my hearing is bad enough that I can't necessarily tell if it sounds wrong or not, so I need someone else to check my work before I can post the files to the choir web page. Since I am already doing this for choir I have also started doing this with things we want to do for our choir band, too.

I have also been making more time to practice playing my hammer dulcimer, and I bring it with us on alternate Monday evenings for the nyckleharpa night--then I play along for the few songs I know, and work on sewing projects while they are learning new stuff (since it takes the other 5 to 10 minutes to learn a new tune well enough to play along, and I can't play along till I have memorized every string I need to hit for that song, and that is a process that can take several weeks (though for one particularly easy song, which isn't done at the nyckleharpa nights, I managed it in only a couple of days). On Sunday we made it to the folk music session for the first time in ages, and I brought my Dulcimer there, too. It was fun. I still got in plenty of sewing time, but about every 20 minutes the circle came back around to my turn to pick, and I would suggest one of the few tunes I can play (I can play 8.5 songs now, 3.5 of which are Swedish Folk music and often come up on the Sunday sessions.)

My Swedish has been improving ever since C, our temporary housemate moved in. She is an SCA person from Goteborg who has a 2 month job in Luleå, so she asked on the Frostheim facebook page if anyone had a room available, and, since we got the guest room fixed up and usable this summer, we did. She is a delightful person to have around--she is a neat tidy person who cleans up after herself. She loves to cook, but the kitchen is always clean, just how I like it. She talks Swedish with me 98% of the time, which means that I am practicing lots more than I had been. The past few days I have been reading aloud to her and [livejournal.com profile] lord_kjar from the Swedish translation of Neil Gaiman's Odd och frostjättarna. The last time I attempted to read out loud from a Swedish book to [livejournal.com profile] lord_kjar he needed to correct my pronunciation at least once every sentence, and he only bothered to do so if I said a word so wrong it became another word or wasn't understandable at all. Now they are only correcting me once or twice a page, and then only for really hard words (go type "själ" into google translate and push the speaker symbol to hear what it sounds like).

This week the Uni had a free clinic for people with back or other pain could come in and be seen by a team of Master's students getting their degree in physiotherapy. Since I have been having an issue with some of the muscles in my back (along my spine, between the shoulder blade and my waist) knotting up while I sleep and hurting just enough to wake me, I made an appointment, and I am glad that I did. It hasn't been what one would call a problem (though I do miss being able to sleep deeply for a long time at a stretch) in that the pain would go away as soon as I woke up and started moving, but it was just annoying enough to make it worth replying to the email looking for people to come to the clinic.

It turns out that the muscles on the right side that are responsible for holding my scapula to my back are weak. I hadn't noticed the difference in strength from one side to the other, but when he had me hold my arm straight out in front of me and he pressed down on my arm I had no problems resisting with my left arm, but the right arm collapsed almost immediately. He has given me a few exercises to try to strengthen them and, with luck, the problem should go away. The pain area is the same spot that hurt when I hurt my back at fighter practice just over two years ago. I thought the problem had cleared up, but apparently I have been compensating with other muscles, and have done so for long enough that there are issues now. Oops. Makes me wonder why we don't go see a physiotherapist once every so often just for a check up--does anything need fine tuning? Imagine how bad off I would be with this issue if I didn't have the habit of daily yoga?
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This has been a really weird summer, weather wise. Normally the temperatures in northern Sweden are really quite lovely all summer, with lows around 10 and highs around 18 C (around 50 to 65 F). Nice, civilized, easy to live with, easy to get stuff done. However, this summer it has been in the high 20's even gets over over 30 C (86 F) for three weeks now. Please note that while I have learned skills for coping with the heat when living in hot places, I don't enjoy doing so, and had hoped that moving only about a half an hour drive south of the arctic circle and very near the coast would mean I wouldn't get hot again. To be fair, this is the first summer since moving to Sweden 3.5 years ago that I remember it getting this hot. I recall one hot day the first summer, and we went to the mountains. I don't recall needing to retreat to our basement to escape the heat once last summer (our first in this house), but this week I am doing it daily, for hours at a time.

Needless to say, I am very glad that we finished fixing up the downstairs room and getting all of the moldy floor boards out of there, since I am using that room so much. While hanging out down there I have made good progress on my mustache (done!), and beard (about 1/3 done) for the Nordanil "Lajv" (LARP) next month. I am also nearly done with the lovely Viking coat that will come in handy then too (unless it is still hot!), and I have been doing a fair bit of reading (in Swedish, of course), and have now finished 19 books this year.

It is so nice to be reading again--when I was a kid I read all of the time, and even as recently as the first half of my PhD program (~2005-2007) I was still managing to find time to read 50 to 60 books a year, but then life got busy, and my reading slowed way down (and I got hooked on reading LJ and other social media sites, so a fair few reading hours weren't fiction anymore) and I moved to Sweden (and set that "no fiction in English, unless reading out loud to a loved one" rule), and the last few years I have only managed 13 books a year. Since the year is only half done, it is reasonable to hope I will pull off a number that my younger sell wouldn't have been too embarrassed by (as she would have been with only 13).

But even though it has been hot, I have still managed to keep making some progress outside, by dint of taking advantage of times of day when there is shade. As a result we are making slow progress on the earth cellar, the walkway to the earth cellar, and have even started re-painting the house. Progress would go faster, but [livejournal.com profile] lord_kjar's vacation has ended (with the end of the Medieval Days at Hängnan), so he has been (mostly) going to work. ("Mostly", because it is summer in Sweden, and while his company requires that some of the people stay on duty all summer, the various companies for whom they repair and maintain computers, networks, printers, and other useful electronic tools don't actually need much work done compared to the rest of the year, so on slow days he has been able to take an extra half day off here and there.)

We came up with an amusing solution to the house-painting problem (the problem being that humans are too short to paint a house without something to stand on to reach the higher bits, and the basic sort of later (such as we have) that just leans against the wall, is not the best tool for the job, there being nothing to anchor it to, and nothing to set the paint can on. We had discussed renting scaffolding, using some of the scrap lumber we had from his dad to make scaffolding (which is what some of it had been in its last use), buying a different sort of ladder...

But then yesterday evening he suggested "We could use the tractor.", so we did! I sat in the tractor scoop and he drove up to the wall and lifted the scoop till it was high enough I could reach the roof. Then he turned off the tractor, set the ladder next to the scoop, climbed up and joined me, and we scraped and painted a section of wall as wide as the tractor scoop (that wall is about four scoops wide, I would guess). After we had done the part we could reach at that height he climbed back down and lowered the scoop to only just above the ground (since we couldn't quite reach the bottom of the first section by standing on the ground), and we did the bottom part of that section. With luck we will be able to do this again enough times this summer to at least finish this wall (which is the side in the worst shape--it has clearly not been repainted for at least a decade, and since it gets the morning sun and the full force of the prevailing winds, it needed help).

Why not just do the whole wall while at it? Because I refuse to be out there scraping paint while the sun shines on the wall in this heat, which means not starting till after 14:00 on any given day (that wall faces east, and the sun isn't far enough west to provide good working shade till then, or perhaps a bit before), and I can't operate the tractor, which means waiting till he gets home from work (which time is highly variable and unpredictable, especially in the summer--while he has made it home at mid day, he has also gotten a call last week to drive to Skellefteå (two hours south of here) to fix a computer, and not gotten home till 20:00).

Now, we could work well into the night if light were the only issue--while the sun is actually going a noticeable distance under the horizon to the north these days, it is only darkening to twilight levels, so we could see well enough to paint all night long. However, heat or no heat, this is Sweden, and there are insects that like to come out in the evenings. While I don't mind the mosquitoes so much, since their bite only itches for a minute or three, they do get annoying in number, and, far, far worse than them is the gnats. Mercifully, gnats are a late summer pest, so I hadn't seen any yet this year till the day before yesterday, when a couple of them managed to bite me as I was picking strawberries in the evening. Ouch! Not only do those tiny little things leave a hole where they bite (are they carrying away flesh to feast on later?), but something about their bite doesn't agree with me, so the area swells up and hurts/itches for days. Only a little bit of hurt/itch, but it doesn't go away.

Luckily for us, yesterday while painting was windy, so we were able to actually finish the whole section before the bugs started to come flying around, but we so weren't willing to start the next section once they showed up.

In other news, he is healing well from getting that finger caught between the rocks--after a week he is no longer squeezing ick from out from under his nail, and the nail even looks like he might be able to keep it. He still isn't willing to try the violin, since the finger is still tender, but he has managed to play nyckleharpa, by using a lower part of that finger to press the keys than is normally recommended. And my hip has completely forgiven me for letting that log collide with it last week. Yoga was, in fact, interesting the first night, since I couldn't stretch in certain directions without it hurting, but that effect was diminished by the next day, and now it is only noticeable if I stretch really far and then only in one direction (pulling the torso away from the hip).

Life is mellow now, and we have pretty much nothing on the calender between now and Nordanil, but there is plenty to do before then to be ready for that event, in addition to the many house projects in progress.
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It turns out that we are taking turns getting hurt working around the house. On Wednesday [livejournal.com profile] lord_kjar and I finally had time and energy to do some work for the earth cellar project, so we filled in dirt and gravel behind the walls that we had built up before the Medieval Days at Hängnan, and then we moved a few large rocks into the places they will go so that we could concrete them into place the next day. We were nearly done for the day, and decided to move one medium sized rock (read just small enough that he can lift it, so long as he is careful about technique), to the place between the stairs and the door for the earth cellar.

That spot isn't under the large wooden frame we have set up over the wall in progress, so we couldn't use the pulley system that we have been using to move the large stones into place, and, since the rock was that small, it didn't seem worth using the tractor. Therefore he just picked it up and started moving it into place. I asked if he wanted help, but he didn't reply and kept moving.

A few seconds later, as it was nearly where he was going to put it, it slipped out of his gloved hands, fell away from him, bounced off of the large rock it was going to be put next to, and then back towards him, catching the end of the middle finger of his left hand between that rock and the large one on the other side. Luckily, it only bounced off of him and continued its slide into the spot it was being aimed at, so he didn't get caught between the rocks (and he had already been pulling his hands up and away the second it started falling, so it only hit the end of the one finger). Also luckily, nothing was broken, and it looks like he may get to keep the finger nail. We got ice onto it right away, and there was a bit of bleeding from alongside the nail (which is good, because that meant there wasn't a lot of painful swelling under the nail, since the blood had somewhere to go).

It is healing fine, and while he still can't do things like play violin (which requires a fair bit of pressure on exactly that part of that finger), he was able to do other projects around the house today, so long as he was careful not to bump that finger.

So he spent a chunk of today driving tractor and moving stones around. We have finally started building up the flat area near the driveway where we will be putting that new out building we bought last autumn. So he has driven up a fair few large stones to surround the area and hold the dirt in, and then he filled in the area with many scoops of dirt till it looked around large enough and kind of level. Then we carried over the bottom four logs for the shed and laid them more or less into place, putting the ends on piles of stone till we found the right height to make them all level. This gives him a good visual to know how much more dirt needs to be brought up to finish making the under-floor area.

However, in the process it was my turn to hurt myself. Because of his injured hand he was carrying his end of the logs one-handed. They are not small logs, so I needed both hands to hold them against my waist as we walked. Sadly, one of the logs wasn't balanced well for either of us, and started to roll/slip. As a result he lost his one-handed grip and that end fell to the ground, which caused my end to first fall from where I had been holding it against my waist down to my hip, where it landed with sufficient painful force as to make me let go of it and let it fall to the ground.

I fetched one of those little blue ice box things from the freezer, tucked it into the waist band of my trousers, and we finished up the job. It doesn't hurt at all at the moment (three hours later), so long as I don't try to move any muscles connected to the hip. However, I have been fighting off some sort of cold for a couple of days--it hasn't gotten bad enough to be bothersome, but today my body wants to cough a bit, but every time I try the abdominal muscles pull on the bruised area on my hip, and it hurts. I predict that tonight's yoga will be interesting.

However, if all goes well tomorrow, we will be able to do that concreting of those stones that have been waiting patiently for us since Wednesday. If only it weren't so hot...
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Early this week my student told me that the uni travel agent was having troubles booking us lodging in Finland--that they were only able to find one room, a double, available anywhere within 60 km of the university in Oulu, where we were going to do some work on the microprobe. Neither my student nor I wanted to share a room, so I let him have the hotel, and I went onto the couch surfing web page to find a better option.

I so win! My host is a delightful woman who was kind enough to drive to work yesterday, so that she could pick me and my luggage up from the uni. She brought me home at 16:00 and then cooked me an amazing pasta with avocado sauce (that also involved garlic, chili, lime, and fresh herbs) for dinner, we had way too much desert (I had baked cookies for her, her friend who also joined us brought ice cream, and she had some really yummy left over cheesecake she had made with Bailey's Irish Cream). Then she, her boyfriend (who had also joined us for dinner), and I went out to The Koitelinkoski rapids, on the river Kiiminki. This was a beautiful adventure, with some nice walks along the trail--she managed (with his help) to find that geocashe that eluded her last time she was out there, and we also relaxed for a bit and sipped tea on the rocks while we watched the river happily rolling over other rocks.

Then we went back to her place where I did my yoga and was in bed soon after 21:00, which meant I actually got 9 hours of sleep (and thus now feel completely over that cold that I had had on Tuesday). This morning she lent me her son's bike and we pedaled our way along lovely tree-lined trails to the uni, not quite 3 km from her door, and I spent the morning using the microprobe with my student, and then, while it analyzed the points we had selected, I met my cousin for lunch and a short walk, then more microprobe time before meeting my host at 16:00 for a return to her place, yummy left overs for dinner (both hers, and some of the lasagna I had brought with me), and then she went off to choir, and I am enjoying a quiet evening at her place with her internet. Tomorrow we do the last of the microprobe analyses and then return to Luleå. With luck I will get home on time to join the rest of Aurora Band and spend the evening making music.

This is so much a better way of traveling than staying in a hotel, and my host here is the sort of person I would like to keep in touch with.
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I have already mentioned what a mild winter we have been having--while we got our first snow in November this winter we had naught but alternating freeze-thaw cycles for the rest of November and all of December. We got snow in between the thaws, but not much. The in-between freezes were hard enough to stabilize the firm crust that the snow became, so that when I got home after the conference earlier this month the world was properly white, but where were the huge piles of snow that should be here? January managed to keep decent temperatures--between -15 and -35 mostly, so no more melting, but also pretty much no new snow. A few times we got a millimeter or three accumulation, but the only two days in January that I touched the snow shovel were the 1st and the 31st, and neither occasion took more than 5 minutes of my time.

This has translated into my being able to walk anywhere I feel like walking in my yard, in the forest, or on the (thankfully finally frozen) water between here and the nature reserve, without resorting to huge levels of effort like last January's adventure. However, honestly, I would rather have the snow. I have skis I am not bothering to use, because I just don't need them. But the weirdest thing of all was looking out my kitchen window yesterday and noticing that one of the neighbour's trees already thinks it is spring! That tree has put out enough tiny budlets to make it look pale yellowish green from here, and it didn't look like that a week ago. This is scarily early--the trees shouldn't be showing the early signs of waking before mid to late March. I hope that it is mistaken and that we still have some decent winter left, and perhaps even some real snow. We did get a few centimeters yesterday, which was nice, but still nothing compared to what we should have. Last winter our walkway had berms a meter high bordering it. This last snowfall brought the total berm along our walkway to a whopping elevation of 10 centimeters. Weird, I tell you.

Another disturbing/weird thing in my life is that I seem to have gotten clumsy all of the sudden. I noticed it last week when I dropped a jar of lotion I had just picked up, and I was very relived when the glass didn't break (note: I dropped it before opening it and getting any lotion on my hands, so I can't blame slipperiness). Several other times that day I noticed myself dropping stuff, none of which was breakable, but it was kind of annoying. Then, on Sunday, I had that same lotion jar in my hands, reached for the lid with my right hand to put it back on, and suddenly the jar was no longer in my left hand, but smashing against the floor, glass shards everywhere. While I could blame the lotion in this case, I still can't, because I got it out of the jar with my right hand, put it on my knee with that hand, touched nothing else except the lid, which I did not drop. There was no lotion on the hand which failed to hold the jar. Again, later in the day I noticed things dropping that weren't breakable. Today I managed to drop, and not break, the replacement jar of lotion, even though I had it in my mind that I should be careful. This is a disturbing trend, I am not used to dropping things at all, let alone so often in short succession, and I mention it here as a record, on the off chance that it is a symptom of some problem I haven't noticed yet (like, say, aging, while I feel like I am only in my 20's the calender disagrees).

On the work front we are drawing to a close with all of the cross sections I have been doing, and I hope to return to writing soon. My Master's student is busy doing stuff and will be collecting his samples (without help from me, though I shared some of my thoughts on things to keep in mind while doing it) this week, and my GIS class meets again tomorrow. I have emailed the Swedish Teacher who did last week's diagnostic test to ask if she knows yet which course I will be assigned to and when it meets, because I don't want to be booking meetings with students until I know what my schedule looks like. I also apologized for being in a hurry and writing in English.
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This weekend was a delightful, low key SCA event a bit south of Skellefteå. We car pooled down with a friend, so the nearly three hour drive went quickly with lots of conversation. Part of the time we spoke in Swedish, to give me more practice with it. There were somewhere between 35 and 40 of us on site, and I really enjoyed the event. We did some dancing, the musician played music often, there was a merchant selling cool stuff, there were classes (including my build your own wax tablet workshop--around eight people were playing with carving tablets, and three of them got far enough along to put wax in them on site, and the others took theirs home to finish later).

There was a tournament on Saturday, but since I haven't been in armour since my minor back injury last August, and we didn't have room in the car for armour in addition to what we did bring (including the passenger), I only watched. However, it did inspire me to want to get back into fighting again, so perhaps we will find time to get to practice at some point. I hope so.

I am very glad that I brought my fur lined hood--sitting outside watching the tourney and working on a sewing project and I was comfortable the whole time. Granted, it is spring, so the temperature was only just barely below freezing, but that is still cold enough to make one uncomfortable when holding still if not dressed warmly.

While I was doing yoga on Friday night one of the young men in the group commented that he should do that, so I gave him the second sheep skin I was using as a medieval yoga mat, and he joined me. It was delightful to have company for yoga again.

Both Saturday morning and Sunday morning I went for walks before breakfast, which was also nice--the site was out in the Swedish countryside and looked like a postcard to be sold by the Swedish tourist bureau. On Saturday both [livejournal.com profile] lord_kjar and my yoga buddy joined me for the walk, and on Sunday it was just [livejournal.com profile] lord_kjar and I.

The drive home went very well, and we were home by 14:00 Sunday. Our folk dance class for this weekend had been cancelled, so instead we drove out to [livejournal.com profile] lord_kjar's parent's house to visit with his brother, who had flew up for the weekend. However, just before we were going to leave [livejournal.com profile] lord_kjar suddenly got sick--details cut to spare the squeamish )
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first there were minor car problems getting there )

After than minor delay in arriving the rest of the visit was very nice. [livejournal.com profile] lord_kjar's family are very delightful people. This year there were 15 of us--his three brothers, their parents, partners, and children, and us. His sister didn't make it this year (spent it with her husband's family down south, I think), or there would have been another two adults and two more kids. The visit was a near perfect mix of being sociable with the others, curling up alone with a book, playing in the snow, and eating too much good food. I am grateful that I am such a fussy eater--once one eliminates the meat and fish dishes and the things containing anything in the vinegar family the amount of food remaining was reasonable, so I ate only slightly more than on a normal day, rather than hugely more.

Well, ok, save for the traditional desert, risalamata, which is made by first cooking short grained porridge rice in way more milk than you think it can absorb, till it is completely absorbed (they do this in an oven set to a fairly low heat). In that form it is a traditional holiday breakfast, served with a little milk and cinnamon on it. I like it that way, but I truly love the transformation into risalamalta: chill the rice cooked in milk till it is cold. Whip more cream than you think it needs, blend them together. Serve with berries. This year the choices were hjortron (cloudberry), black berries, and strawberries. They are all good, but, honestly, I would happily eat the risalamalta all by itself without berries, too.

Normally I find it easy to eat only a reasonable amount of things. Not where this desert is concerned--I had thirds! I am quite certain that I ate more risalmalta than I did dinner that evening. The only thing that stopped me from having fourths is the fact that my stomach was already on the uncomfortable side of full--I still wanted more! (note: some recipes for this on line suggest adding sugar to it--don't. It is perfect as is, and you can sweeten the berries if you want sweet.)

We stayed at his parent's place through to Wednesday, and then the two of his brothers and their wives who live down south and so hadn't seen our house yet drove us home and stayed for home made pizza. I must admit that as nice as it was to be there it was even nicer to come home and to do my own cooking again.

Sadly, one of the little girls was a bit sick while we were there--complaining of a tummy ache. We have no idea if it was something contagious, or something she ate, but when we got home both L and [livejournal.com profile] lord_kjar came down with the same problem--tummy ache and digestion tract issues. I skipped the tummy ache, and had only slight modifications to my normal digestion processing, so whever the cause either I got a milder case or have a better immune system or something. Luckily, it was only a bit more than 24 hours that they were really bothered, and we are all back to normal now.

Up until late last night the weather has been perfect--nice and cold, the snow has been soft and fluffy, and I have been enjoying having a small sledding hill in my yard. Last night I started getting grumpy, and we assumed that it was just because I was tired, and sent me to bed. This morning I woke up still easily pushed into grumpy, and I noticed that the temp has risen to just above freezing, which meant rain on top of my snow. Now I suspect that the change in pressure with the change in weather was probably a factor in my grumpiness, and, of course, I am not happy to see rain--one of the main reasons I want to live this far north is that I love snow and never, ever want to see rain in the winter. If the weather makes a habit of this every year I do not know how long I will be willing to live on the Swedish coast--it will be time to move further north, further inland, and higher in elevation. So this had better be a rare fluke and not repeat again for another decade or three...
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Due to a failure on my part to go to bed at a reasonable hour either night this weekend I slept in this morning till after 7:30. I considered skipping a morning run and just going in to work, but then realized that since we have no appointments this evening I would be free to work as long as I wanted, and, given that my legs were a little sore/cramping and I know that the run always makes them stop hurting, I decided to do a short run first.

On the homeward stretch (about 1.67 km of the 2.4 km route) I manged to fall, possibly because I had tried leaping over a puddle (it has been raining pretty much daily for quite a while now). Maybe I didn't land quite right after the leap, or perhaps it was just the slippery ground? Anyway, I think that I need to do some practice falling--I know, in theory, that one should roll with a fall, and I clearly managed to do it, because I hit first with my hands and knees, but then rolled onto my shoulder and back before getting back up. However, I think that when the roll is done properly it should hurt less in the hands and knees.

The right side took the burnt of it--the heel of my right hand is sore, and my right knee got banged fairly hard. When first I got back up I started walking, but the knee, while a little sore, didn't hurt as much as my hand, so I tried jogging a bit, then alternated between slow jogging and walking the rest of the way home.

Oddly enough, I have a record of that bit. When I left the house my phone wasn't getting a GPS signal, but I told RunKeeper it could start tracking the activity anyway, and at five minute intervals it announced for me how long I had been running, and the fact that I had run 0.0 km with an average pace of 0 minutes per km. But after fall the next announcement let me know that I had actually made some distance--I think that the shaking in the fall caused something to reset, and it started actually tracking where I was from that point. Indeed, checking it, the map it recorded starts right where I think I was when I fell. Therefore I have done a manual entry for the first part, where I was really running (average pace 7 min 11 sec per km), and for the second part where I alternated between walking and running (average pace 9 min 20 seconds per km) and added a note recording the fall.

Once home I first iced the knee for a little bit, then peeled off the clothes (which clearly show where I rolled--wet ground is good at leaving records) and discovered that the knee, which hurts less than the hand, was damaged enough to bleed (note that there is no visible damage to the hand, since the bruise doesn't show yet). So I hopped into the shower, washed it twice with soap and hot water, and when I got out looked closely at it. A couple of minor holes where the topmost layer of skin was removed by the rocks it must have bumped. There was a tiny something dark in the center of one of them, so I washed the tweezers with soap and water and carefully picked it out, then put on one of those newfangled band-aids--the kind you leave on for days and it absorbs the fluids and creates a soft cushion over the wound which doesn't dry up like a scab would.

Then I put more ice on it while I ate my breakfast and emailed a colleague to ask her to write "arbetar hemma" (working at home) on the note plate outside my office. Now I have connected my VPN connection and have full access to my work computer from here. Therefore, now that I have recorded the incident in case I ever need to know "when was that?", I will settle in and see how much work I can accomplish today...


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