Jun. 28th, 2017

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Today we finally got another chance at concreteing rocks into the earth cellar walls. In the 18 days since our last chance to play with concrete we (but mostly David) have been finding more decent sized rocks and moving them to the wall and finding them places to fit. This meant that when I got home from work at lunch time today we were ready to just get straight to concreteing them into place.

I lost count somewhere around batch 3 or 4, but I think that we wound up mixing 6 or 7 batches total. The downhill side of the earth cellar is now looking much better, and those walls are nearly as high as the uphill side (which is as high as it is going to be before we add the roof).

I didn't get a photo as it was starting to rain as we finished, so we just covered the work with a tarp, cleaned up and came inside. With luck I will remember to take one next time I am outside.
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So, my sisters will all be in Seattle the first week of October, and have been suggesting that I join them. We haven't all been in the same place in 8 years (one of us lives in Australia, one in Seattle, one in San Francisco, and I am in Sweden). I have zero interest in going to the states at all, given the current political climate, and have been assuming that I can't afford the trip.

Today one of them mentioned it again, and this time I asked skyscanner what it costs to get to and from Seattle from LuleƄ. There were flights in the 6000 SEK range (around $700), which is much cheaper than I was expecting.

However, if I am that close, I would want to see more than just my sisters. So I checked the West Crown web page. October Crown is the weekend after Kirsty returns to Australia. Drachenwald Crown is the weekend thereafter, near Helsinki. Would it be crazy to fly to Seattle, see family and friends there, then head south, stopping in Portland and/or Eugene to see friends, on the way to West Crown, then fly home via Finland and Drachenwald Crown? But that sounds much more expensive than the above mentioned 6000...


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