Apr. 12th, 2017

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It took two days more than one month to listen to the audio book while reading the text. Given that there were 15 sound files to the book, each about 1.25 hrs long, that means that I spent an average of just over half an hour a day listening/reading, though since there were some days I didn't read at all, most days I did read it would have been more like an hour.
The previous book in the series I only read and didn't listen to the audio version (I didn't know we had it till I was nearly done), and it took six months to get through. Clearly I enjoyed the ones set in Sweden far more than the one set mostly in the holy land.

I was almost done with the book this evening when it was time to head to gymnastics, which is a reason worthy of putting down a good book. Tonight's training was a "play day", where we were all free to choose whatever activites wr wanted to practice, rather than have the teachers decide for us.

Therefore I spent my time training handstand stuff. First handstands next to the soft squishy mat and falling straight into the mat on my back. Then I got the mostly round foam block that is just large enough to do backbends over. At first I did the exercise from last week's practice: from the backbend over the foam block lift both legs up into the air, and then over one's head to the ground on the other side. Then I decided to experiment, and it turns out that if I stand on my hands in front of the block and then let my body fall towards it that I can bend my back over it, put my feet onto the ground on the far side and stand back up in one smooth motion. Then, at a teacher's suggestion, I tried the opposite--stand with my back to it, lift one leg as I arch back over it, place my hands on the ground and then flip both legs ovet my head to the ground on the other side.

It was fun, but I wound up heading home early as I feel like I am on the edge of being sick; a hint of scratchyness in the back of my throat that I don't want to turn into actual symptoms, so I stayed only 1 hour 20 minutes, rather than the usual 2.

Of course, then I wasted some time reading FB before picking my book back up and finishing it, so now it is 01:30, and I am supposed to meet my apprentice for laser time at 8:00, so I had better get to sleep. At least yoga is already done for the evening.


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