Feb. 17th, 2017

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I have had my concerns about how well my car was running for a while now, since it was sometimes showing a check engine light and sometimes not. While I was in Uppsala last weekend D & C used my car to run some errands since his is also having issues, and the shop didn't have an appointment for him till the following week. While they were running the errands the car started driving poorly, with a lurching sort of movement and the engine sounded wrong, so they brought it home and parked it. We tried turning it on to have a listen on Monday, but it sounded wrong enough that even my bad hearing said "turn it off!", and I sent an email to the shop that fixed it last summer. They said to bring it in on Thursday, which I did. It turns out the lurching was more predominate in the low gears than the high ones, but I was glad that it is a fairly short drive to the shop.

They finished it today, so I walked over (takes one hour from the house--they are about 20 minutes walk from my office), and drove home. I am pleased to report that it sounds normal again, and drives as it should. His car will get its turn on Monday, and then, hopefully, all will be well with the cars for a while. We don't need them all that often, but when we do we have too much to carry to walk.


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