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I spent all of yesterday afternoon and evening, and this evening helping a friend with her jester costume, as she likes mine and wanted one in the same style. I think it will look quite good on her, and it was fun to help her with it. She is studying to be a physiotherapist and works as a massage therapist now. She was nice enough to work on my right leg and hip which have been bothering me recently before going home yesterday, and boy did it help. Today I offered her the books that I got when I was a massage student, and she was very pleased to take them--she especially likes the anatomy and physiology colouring books.

After we finished fitting the linen under layer to her, we unbasted it and used it as the pattern for the wool, so while she was busy pinning those pieces to the wool and cutting out the wool I took the chance to finish up the waistband modifications to my grey wool folk dancing skirt, and am really happy with how it came out.

Now I should go do my yoga and get some sleep, as I am tired, and we have to be in Gammelstad at 10:00 for the rehearsal for our Midsummer folk dance performance before the traditional midsummer lunch, before the raising of the Midsommer cross and dancing around it, before driving into town to the other park and doing the raising and dancing again.

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Date: 2017-06-23 02:54 pm (UTC)
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Massage really helps me, on the rare occasions I can get massage.

Working on projects with someone else around usually makes the work go more quickly for me. Sounds like a fun afternoon.


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