May. 31st, 2017

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Friday I managed to sleep in till after 9:00 (which gave me nearly 7 hours of sleep that night, which was nearly the most I managed the whole event--only Saturday night/Sunday morning saw more rest, and then I was still recovering from the drive south). It also turned out to be the warmest day, and rather sunny, so while many others were spending the day at the all important Knäckebröd War, fighting over which side of the flat bread one should butter, I spent my day in our own camp, enjoying the combination of tree and pavilion shade, and worked on a sprang belt in progress. It was lovely.

at 18:00 I reported to the "Youth Camp" and read out loud from a book that Sir Peregrine provided. I had seen a call on FB before the event for people to read aloud to the kids at the event, and said I would be willing, if I could do it in English (my Swedish pronunciation is still so bad I am not certain that the kids would understand me if I tried reading in Swedish). However, then I got busy with event prep, and never saw if anyone had replied, so it wasn't till I was on site and Beatrix asked me if I was still interested in reading that I thought of it again, and thus didn't have a good story book with me. So I sent a message to Peregrine, who was still in Luleå and would be arriving at the event in another day or two, and asked if he would be willing to bring something suitable, so he did, bringing a copy of Stig of the Dump, a book I had never heard of before. I had rather expected something with a more medieval flavour, but the small audiance of English speakers didn't seem to mind, and it was an interesting story (ok, I read only chapter 1 due to time constraints). I am pretty certain that most evenings the reading was in Swedish, and have no idea if they also had Finnish or German evenings (there were a fair few speakers of each language on site, of course).

After reading I went to evening Court, which started with Jovi's Pelican ceremony, which was another lovely ceremony. As we were waiting for Court I made a comment to Kaarina wondering if the Crown might decide to do yet another Peerage, but thought I was only joking, since two in one event is already quite many for Drachenwald. However, at the end of Court the Crown summoned the Knights, and this time sent them into the crowd to go find the candidate, and they made a good show of wandering back and forth searching before finally grabbing Viscount Torbjörn (who had been the first Prince of Nordmark I ever met). Unlike early in the week, when I heard a hint that there might be a knighting, and I simply knew who it would be (and was correct), for this one I had zero idea which person they were looking for (other than guessing that it wouldn't be Count Morales, who had only just received some other fighting related award just before they called up the knights), but that isn't really surprising, since I haven't really seen Torbjörn fight. He is from Baggeholm, which is almost as far south as one can go and still be in Sweden, and hasn't entered the two Coronet tournaments that Eino and I entered, and while he was in Crown, there were two lists for that tournament, and I really only watched Eino's fights.

Since I had missed Jovi's vigil the night before I went pretty much straight from Court to the vigil area, arriving even before the Knights escorted him into the tent. This meant that I was third on the list after the knights, but there were 24 knights at the event. After getting my name on the list I went back to the hall and did half an hour of yoga, and then wandered back towards the vigil to see how the line was progressing. On the way I stopped at the Fire Show that had just started (and had a huge crowd assembled to watch it). I watched for a short bit, but they were asking for way more audiance participation than I felt interested in (not just vocal responses, but having the audiance stand or sit or wave as people ran past, etc.), so I went back to the vigil tent and chatted with the smaller crowd that was there for a bit. They were still working their way through the knights, some of whom were ignoring the "three minutes" suggestion, I think. I was feeling tired by then, and decided that even though I was early in the list of non-knights, I would rather go get some sleep. Just when I considered taking my name off the list I noticed that Eino had picked up the book to add his name to it, so I suggested that I edit my name to say "and Eino", and then I could go to bed, and he could go in on his own in my stead. The people managing the book were ok with this, so I went to bed "early" (it was 02:00 before I managed to make it back to my own camp, got my teeth brushed and was in bed!).

Six hours later I got up and begin the process of breaking camp. My plan for Saturday had been to pack my stuff, drop the tent, go for a swim, help load the cargo van (or perhaps load the van and then swim, depending on how everyone else was doing), and then report for serving duty for the banquette. However, "it always takes longer than you think", and I didn't actually get any help from Eino in things like taking apart the rope bed and folding ground cloths because by the time I had finished packing most of my stuff into boxes he was only just starting to pack his pile of stuff, which meant that I had to wait to drop the tent. As a result the cargo van had been brought over and they had already started loading it before I finished my tent and started taking down the sunshade.

We had only managed to get the cargo van somewhere around 1/3 to 1/2 full before it was 17:30 and time for me to report to the kitchen, so, with regret, I hurried to my next duty and felt guilty for not being there for the rest of the loading, but also feeling confidant that the Archers had it all under control and it would go well. Serving was fun, and at the end of the feast they gave me a block of left over marzipan to take with us as road food. As soon as I was done serving I did some yoga, and then we hopped into the passenger van and started driving at 22:00 Saturday evening (the cargo van had left some amount of time before that, and the first car of Frostheim folk had left while it was still early in the day, which was probably a factor in how long it took to load the van, since those folk weren't available to help with the loading. However, one of them had a tight deadline for when he needed to be home, and naught could be done about it.

We had three people in the car willing to do all of the driving, which meant that I didn't need to do any of it, so I managed to sleep for a fair bit of the 18.5 hour drive north, 15.75 hours of which was actual driving time (I remembered to write down every start and stop time for the trip home), of which I slept 6 hours, in 15 minute to 1.5 hour chunks. This meant that we not only got home early enough that I managed to get to Folk Dance on Sunday evening, I even had enough energy to dance!


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