Mar. 12th, 2017


Mar. 12th, 2017 09:57 pm
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Today we were out the door just after 08:30, and at the home of the shire's other Laurel by 09:00 for a shoe course he was running. There were at least 17 of us present, all working on shoes. I opted to make a pair of 12th century shoes to go with my bliaut. My inspiration was the photo on page 99 of this paper about silk embroidered leather shoes. The shoe in question was embroidered in Runes, but in Latin, with the phrase "Omnia uincit Amor et.", and I decided that I have to have a pair.

The course ran till 16:00, after which I walked across the street and stitched for two more hours while listening to the musicians of the LuelÄ Hembygdsgille practice some lovely Swedish Folk music, and then I participated in our normal Sunday folk dance session (which I have missed all too often this winter). I knew that if I had followed D & C home after the class I wouldn't have come back out for dance, and I am so glad that I stayed. Folk dance is so much fun! And that extra two hours of stitching meant that I got one of my shoes stitched all the way around the sole and ready to turn, and the other is more than half way 'round.

shoes in progress


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