Mar. 9th, 2017

kareina: (BSE garnet)
This evening O. and I went to a "handledare" class so that he will be able to do practice driving with me in the car. The class ran from 17:00 to 21:00, with only a short break in the middle for fika, and, of course, the lecture was only in Swedish. Much to my delight, there were only three times all evening I had to lean over to ask O. what a word meant, the rest of the lecture I was able to follow with no problem. However, I still wish they had had subtitles for the two films they showed.

Today at work we had a meeting, during which my colleagues delegated most of the work of an upcoming grant application to me. For a project they have been thinking about for months, and which I first heard about today. Application deadline is 30 March. Why have I agreed? It will be good practice. If we get the funding it will cover my salary, perhaps even with an increase in my hours (and thus also in my paycheck). I don't normally work Fridays, but I think I will be working from home tomorrow nonetheless.


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