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Nearly five years ago David and I made me a grey wool herringbone twill folk dance skirt one evening. According to my phone log, we started it at 20:30 on Friday 3 August 2012, and finished it at 23:45. He did the machine sewing, and I hand-finished the waist and hem. Part of what made the project so quick was the fact that we opted to simply gather the waist, which takes very little time to accomplish, and I typed up a description of the project a few days later.

I don't wear this skirt for our dance performances, as I now own one in the special hand-woven fabric that is appropriate for the tiny local area my dance group is based in. However, we didn't have a performance today, the third day of Spelmansstämman, so I chose to wear it today, along with the apron and pocket I made for my folk costume to make it fancier to attend a friend's wedding in January. I so love having somewhere to carry my phone, keys, and even small sewing projects!

It was a fun day, with time to do a short workout before heading out. Pleasant conversation with one of the visiting Norwegians before marching in the parade from the Medieval stone church to the open-air museum in which the musical festival takes place. Then, after the allspeal I walked over to one of the tourist shops and bought some summer weight nabbskor of (more or less, it is hard to tell in their tiny photo) this sort. I have a larger, sturdier pair with very thick nålbindined liners that I wear in the winter, but they are much too warm for a summer day. I have been meaning to get a summer weight version of either the boot or the shoe for a while, but hadn't stumbled upon any in my size second hand, so I finally decided to just get some locally. Sure, I probably could have saved money ordering them on line, but these I could not only try on, but walk out of the store wearing them. After shopping I spent the rest of the afternoon listening to music, working on a sewing project, and visiting with people, returning home on time to eat my dinner curled up with a good book.

This evening, as I was putting away my folk costume, I decided that the grey skirt would look better with a pleated waist than the above mentioned gathered waist. Being one who likes to suit actions to words, I promptly lost three hours this evening to removing the old waist, ironing it smooth, then experimenting with how deep/how many pleats would be needed to fit my waist, and finally replacing the pleating pins with basting. Any guesses as to how much time will now elapse before I get a chance to press in those pleats and attach them to the waistband?

Tomorrow is a department work meeting in the afternoon, followed by a group dinner. We had talked about doing a bbq, but tonight's email says we will go to a restaurant in town. I may be the only person on earth who thinks that going to a restaurant sounds like a terrible idea. I had liked the idea of gathering at one of our homes (I even volunteered our yard) for a bbq, but I really don't want to go into town at all, nor to a restaurant. I guess I will see how I am doing and if C talks me into going anyway. She did last time we had one of these.

Tuesday we have yet another folk dance performance, and Wednesday my friend S. is coming over to do sewing projects and/or trade massage. So that could be a chance to return to this project, if I don't spent the time helping her with hers.
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