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Today I went to check out a potential event site, Strömsundshemmet, a beautiful site on a pretty lake, comprised of mostly very old historic buildings that have been relocated to this place to make a nice site for weddings, conferences and church retreats. Between all of the cabins they have 90 beds, and a nice big kitchen (with separate adjoining room for washing up). The dining hall isn't as nice as the big gym at the site we used for last year's Norrskensfest, but in the next building there is a small church with amazing acoustics, and another large room as well. This means we could eat in one hall, then go to the next building for bardic performances and dancing, and then return to the feast hall for the next round of food. Seriously tempted to go with this site. I just need to get her email with the final numbers of what she would charge us, and then the ok from the Seneschal.

I think the site would also be great for a Crown or Coronet tournament or Kingdom University.
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