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Nearly five years ago David and I made me a grey wool herringbone twill folk dance skirt one evening. According to my phone log, we started it at 20:30 on Friday 3 August 2012, and finished it at 23:45. He did the machine sewing, and I hand-finished the waist and hem. Part of what made the project so quick was the fact that we opted to simply gather the waist, which takes very little time to accomplish, and I typed up a description of the project a few days later.

I don't wear this skirt for our dance performances, as I now own one in the special hand-woven fabric that is appropriate for the tiny local area my dance group is based in. However, we didn't have a performance today, the third day of Spelmansstämman, so I chose to wear it today, along with the apron and pocket I made for my folk costume to make it fancier to attend a friend's wedding in January. I so love having somewhere to carry my phone, keys, and even small sewing projects!

It was a fun day, with time to do a short workout before heading out. Pleasant conversation with one of the visiting Norwegians before marching in the parade from the Medieval stone church to the open-air museum in which the musical festival takes place. Then, after the allspeal I walked over to one of the tourist shops and bought some summer weight nabbskor of (more or less, it is hard to tell in their tiny photo) this sort. I have a larger, sturdier pair with very thick nålbindined liners that I wear in the winter, but they are much too warm for a summer day. I have been meaning to get a summer weight version of either the boot or the shoe for a while, but hadn't stumbled upon any in my size second hand, so I finally decided to just get some locally. Sure, I probably could have saved money ordering them on line, but these I could not only try on, but walk out of the store wearing them. After shopping I spent the rest of the afternoon listening to music, working on a sewing project, and visiting with people, returning home on time to eat my dinner curled up with a good book.

This evening, as I was putting away my folk costume, I decided that the grey skirt would look better with a pleated waist than the above mentioned gathered waist. Being one who likes to suit actions to words, I promptly lost three hours this evening to removing the old waist, ironing it smooth, then experimenting with how deep/how many pleats would be needed to fit my waist, and finally replacing the pleating pins with basting. Any guesses as to how much time will now elapse before I get a chance to press in those pleats and attach them to the waistband?

Tomorrow is a department work meeting in the afternoon, followed by a group dinner. We had talked about doing a bbq, but tonight's email says we will go to a restaurant in town. I may be the only person on earth who thinks that going to a restaurant sounds like a terrible idea. I had liked the idea of gathering at one of our homes (I even volunteered our yard) for a bbq, but I really don't want to go into town at all, nor to a restaurant. I guess I will see how I am doing and if C talks me into going anyway. She did last time we had one of these.

Tuesday we have yet another folk dance performance, and Wednesday my friend S. is coming over to do sewing projects and/or trade massage. So that could be a chance to return to this project, if I don't spent the time helping her with hers.
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This weekend was the annual Spelmansstämma event. "spelmans" in this context means musician's and "stämma" is "meeting", though the word can also mean tune or voice/pitch/part,which is somehow appropriate. For me the weekend started a bit after mid-day on Friday, when [livejournal.com profile] lord_kjar and I went out to Gammelstad to help out with the set up. We had signed up for the shift of prepping the hamburger stand for evening food sales. We had time to chop a huge bowl of onions and lettuce and get the tables and grill set up before it was time to head to town to pick up our friend L from the bus station.

Friday evening was a social dance, and we had much fun. Groups of musicians did half an hour sets each, and the next group usually started straight away, so the only breaks I took from dancing was when I needed to run to the toilet. We danced till well after 01:00, and then finally decided that it would be smart to go get some sleep before heading back in the morning.

Saturday we arrived on site at 09:00, and enjoyed breakfast there with others in the Luleå Hembygdsgille(the local guild of folk musicians and dancers). Then we went over to an old barn and helped [livejournal.com profile] lord_kjar set up a sound system there. (This was one of several venues on site which had performers over the course of the weekend). We finished that on time to head to the final rehearsal for our dance performance, and then had time to claim a nice bit of hill near the stage for our blanket. L was willing to sit with our lunch bag, backpacks, instrument cases, and water, while we did our performance, and then we had the rest of the afternoon to relax and enjoy ourselves.

We watched some performances (and I worked on nålbinding while we did), we occasionally got up and danced when there were musicians playing on the big stage but no one using the dance stage. On those occasions we just hopped onto the dancing stage and had fun. Not surprisingly, whenever we did other people also got up and danced, too, but nearly always our group was the first ones to get up and dance. We also went to the folk singing workshop, which was lots of fun (and gave me more time for nålbinding). This year the workshop was held in an old house a bit further away from the other activities. As a result the group was only people who meant to be there. A smaller crowd than last year's session (which was in a building in the middle of everything), but a more focused one. My quest to learn Swedish one song at a time is continuing.

The weather on Saturday was sunny and warmish (hot while dancing, but when sitting still I was glad I had the nålbinded shawl to wear over my costume). This gave good crowds over and above the musicians and guild members (all musicians get in free, even if they aren't part of the guild--I recommend to all of my friends to come to this another year, and bring an instrument!).

In addition to a very good local turn out this year we also had a large buss full of musicians and dancers from Bodo, Norway, and others from there came by train. Apparently there were 70 of them in total. This meant that there were a fair few good dancers on site that I didn't already recognize.

There was about two hours between the last performance of the day and the start of the social dance in the evening, so we three went home and cooked dinner and even had time for shower and short nap before heading out to dance. This was a good thing, because it refreshed our batteries for dancing. I managed to dance till after 1:00 before getting to tired to keep going. The mosquitoes were also much more viscous on Saturday evening than they had been on Friday--on Friday I got one or two bites all evening, on Saturday I had many more, even while dancing. Part of the problem was that we had far more dancers on Saturday, so it became necessary to open more windows for air, and when it was late enough that the mosquitoes were getting thicker we couldn't close the windows, because there were so many dancers and it would have been too warm. So both because I was tired, and to escape the bugs I went to the car and took an hour's nap. When I woke up it was raining, so thinking the mosquitoes would be less, I went back to the hall to dance some more. Sadly, while there were no more mosquitoes outside, there were plenty of them inside. There were also no many folk still dancing, so I did a few dances, and we called it a night and went home to sleep.

Sunday we had no work shifts in the morning, so we didn't have to be on site before 11:45 for the 12:00 parade to officially start the afternoon's activities. It was nice to get a bit of sleep! It didn't really rain all afternoon, but since it had been raining last night and in the morning the crowds were much smaller. However, there were still plenty of opportunities to fill the dance stage with impromptu dancing in between dance performances, and we had much fun. I also made good progress with my nålbinding in between dancing.

The last performance in the old barn where [livejournal.com profile] lord_kjar was in charge of sound finished at 14:30, so we was nearly done packing up the equipment by the time the guy in charge stopped in a bit later. This earned him much praise. After we had finished up that bit of work we went and did more dancing while he joined the rest of the musicians of the guild for the final session on the main stage and then we helped tear down some of the other things that had been set up for the weekend. We were home by 18:00, and have had some time to eat and relax before I fell into my computer to check in with the world.


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