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I worked 8.5 hrs, then went home for a few, then back to the lab when my technician called to say the IC-PMS was working again. Then we spent 2 more hours to get it working properly with the laser and passing performance reports. Finally went home at 23:00.

In between work and work I met up with a friend who dropped off some sheet metal at our forge shed so that he cam come back another day and work on armour, read/listened to another chapter in Anne på Grönkulla, chatted on the phone with a friend who was going to have an interview over skype later in te evening and wanted to practice English a bit, and helped David pick up a load of old large size cobblestones that he found for sale on blocket. We were nearly done loading them into the car and trailer when I got the call to return to the lab, so the poor guy needed to wait an extra 15 to 20 minutes before I could return.

I don't get to sleep in tomorrow as we need to take David's work car in for service and someone needs to drive his car so that he can take it to work from the shop.
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