Jun. 1st, 2017

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Back when I booked vacation time for the trip south I was wise enough to ask for Monday after the event off, too, for which I thank my past self. As I mentioned in the last post, I arrived home on Sunday afternoon with enough energy to make it to Folk Dance, which was good given we have a performance for Nationaldag next week. However, it meant that before dance I only managed to put away pavilions and other lose things, I didn't unpack any of the 4 chests or two bedding bags I had taken with me.

Therefore one would assume that I got to that part on Monday, yes? However, I managed to distract myself the entire afternoon and early evening with a computer project, so didn't manage to empty more than one of those chests on Monday. Oops.

Tuesday we had a service guy from Thermo Fischer arrive at 08:00 to install the new computer for our ICP-MS. Getting the new computer set up went well, but when he attached it to the ICP-MS and told it to start the plasma the plasma started up, and went straight back out. He tried several times, and then tried hooking up the old computer, in case the problem had to do with software upgrades, since the version of the Instrument Control program he installed was a bit more recent than I had been using. Same problem. So we contacted the uni IT department and got the new computer set up and able to use the university computer network, so that he could do a team viewer session with the guys at the factory, and after a chunk of the morning they decided that it probably isn't a software issue, so he started taking apart the machine itself. At 16:00 he called to let me know that he may have found the problem, so I returned to the lab. He showed me a fiber optic cable, which, if you look very closely at the ends, with a flashlight shining on it, and use a bit of imagination, you can almost see that one end isn't quite as flush with its holder as the other.

This bit of fiber optic cable has only one job--it looks into the plasma chamber, and if it sees plasma burning, it sends a message to the RF generator that it should keep doing its job, but if it doesn't, it tells the RF generator to take a break. It is possible that the slight angle on one end could mean that it doesn't always see the plasma, even when it is burning. If so it would explain why it sometimes shuts down directly after starting. Of course, he didn't happen to have a spare bit of this cable with him to test it, so he has ordered it, along with a few other spare parts that might be useful. However, Monday is a bank holiday in Denmark (where he is based), and Tuesday is a bank holiday here, which means that there are really only three days next week in which parts will be able to travel. Therefore he will return on the 12th, and we will find out if he has managed to fix the problem or not.

Tuesday evening was the last gymnastics session of the term, and it was, as always, much fun. Neither E. nor C. came along (one had exams, the other a cold), so when I felt too tired to stay longer at only 1.5 hours into the 2 hour course, there was no one to say "no, we can't go yet", so I went home early, thinking I would just do yoga and head to bed. But when I got here I instead sat down and typed up more Double Wars adventures, and so didn't get to bed at a reasonable hour.

This left me kinda tired on Wednesday, so I only made a bit more progress on unpacking from the event, and a whole lot more of looking at photos of the event on FB, and again staying up too late typing up memories fro the event. This left me kinda (predictably) tired today.

Even so I did accomplish a little bit. First of all I tried to take the car back to the inspection place--I had taken it in for its annual required check up Tuesday morning before work, and found out that they actually require that all of the back seats be in the vehicle so that they can test the seat belts. They said that I could bring it back whenever. However, I failed to notice when I was there on Tuesday morning that they close for an hour at lunch, so, when I tried heading there directly after work today it was smack in the middle of their lunch break. So I thought I would run one errand first, and drove out to "Blomsterlandet" (land of the flowers/plants), where I managed to talk only in Swedish to the nice lady who helped me, and on her advice bought six bags of planting dirt, two of bark, and one of manure which I am meant to blend together and fill the raised beds by the house for the Kale and Silverbeet I want to grow this year.

After I got those all loaded into the car I decided that my future self can take the car back for the rest of its check up another day; I was too tired. I must have been, as when I got home I left the bags in the car and went to bed for a half an hour's nap. When I woke up I was hungry, so I got some food and curled up on the couch with my book (in both audio and paper format). After reading a bit I fell back asleep--for two more hours! Once I woke up got the bread dough out of the fridge where it had been sitting since yesterday to let it warm up enough to knead, and then went out and dug last year's dirt out of the raised beds. We had gotten that dirt from the field, and mixed in some of the horse manure that the previous owners left. However, that meant that in addition to the plants we planted we also had nettles. I love eating nettles, but we have plenty of them elsewhere on the property--I don't need it hiding amongst my other edible greens to surprise with its venomous caresses. This is why I am trying store-bought dirt this year.

I still have one box from the event to unpack, and then that will be done. With luck tomorrow I will have enough energy to do that, fill the planters with dirt and plant the seeds, and even work on projects. So long as today's long naps were enough to catch me back up, it should work.


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