Apr. 23rd, 2017

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As I have most certainly mentioned before, one of apprentices is also one of my Master's students. E. had been going to perform in a concert the weekend after next, but due to the same jaw injury/condition that kept her from attending Spring Crown with us, is unable to play her clarinet for long enough to take part in such a performance. Therefore she has decided to attend the Lövspricket event in Umeå with us instead of doing the concert. This pleases me (though I am also sad that she is not doing well enough physical to do the concert), as she hasn't had a chance to be Norrskensbard at an SCA event since she won the cloak in November.

She tells me that since she won't be performing in the concert, but had already borrowed the formal black evening gown from her mother (orginally purchased for granddad's funeral), she decided to wear the dress somewhere else instead. Since we had that Ore Deposits Division Seminar on Thursday she decided that was a great occasion. So while everyone else was dressed as a geologist, in jeans or other casual clothes, she was all decked out in black evening gown and hair up.

This turned out even better than anticipated, as that was the day I was sick and sent my colleagues an email asking them to please do my talk for me. So when E. arrived that morning C. asked her if she wanted to do a talk, since I was sick.

She agreed, and during the lunch break C. and E. changed the PowerPoint presentation I had prepared to delete the quick overview of a number of different projects our lab has done to focusing on the preliminary results on her investigation of the composition of two ancient Roman Coins.

C. Did a quick overview of how/why we use Laser Ablation ICP-MS for the chracterization of ore minerals, then E. explained about her project. One of the questions she got was "how do you know how old the coins are?" (This from someone who does U-Pb dating of the mineral zircon.) She was able to reply "Well, Geta was Severus' son, and only regined for three years before his brothers killed him..." (One of her coins is a Severus, the other a Geta.)

Not every Master's student would be both willing and able to do a talk to a mixed audiance of both industry people and Uni faculty members on data they only obtained this week, with no notice. Shed did, and did it well. I only wish I had been there to hear it (never mind the fact that if I had been there she wouldn't have done it).
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When people ask me where I am from, I tend to give "Alaska" as my short answer, since I have lived more time there than any other place (but now Sweden is in second place). Today I saw a link on FB to a Geographic Midpoint Calculator, which will tell you where the mid point of everywhere you have ever lived is, and you can weight it by how much time you have spent in each place.

My 36 places ) However, clearly some of these estimates are off, as the sum of these numbers is just more than 1.5 years less than I have been on this planet, but it is close enough for now.

According to my weighted average midpoint, I have spent my time on earth more or less in the Yukon Territory, due north of Dawson (and further north than Fairbanks is):



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