Apr. 18th, 2017

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I have quite a number of rather longish term sewing projects on the go. My Jester costume is down to only a tiny bit of embroidery left. My lovely white herringbone linen underdress just needs the extra skirt gores cut and inset, then the hem and a small bit of finishing on one side seam. My gambeson still needs the quilting on the right front section finished, the front lining for the left front section cut and that side quilted, then the skirt gores cut and quilted before putting everything together. Then there is the nålbinging pile, and the actual UFO sewing pile.

Did I work on any of these today? Nope. Before heading out to his Baditsu training tonight D. rummaged around in the closet that is mostly full of cotton fabric (the one we didn't organize some time back when we organized all of the linen and wool) looking for his old martial arts belts. He found them, but in the progress made a pile on his chair of all of the fabric, so that he could sort it and see what we have after practice. In the pile I spotted some dark blue knit fabric and decided that it would do nicely for fixing my black cotton knit dress. The dress is one I found at a second hand store some time back that is very comfortable, but its ankle-length skirt was just not full enough. Every time I did yoga wearing it I needed to hitch the skirts up over the knees for lunges, as there wasn't enough room to bend that way with the skirt down. I have been thinking of adding some more skirt gores, and tonight, when I am not recovered from this weekend's cold enough to be willing to do training (and my normal Tuesday Gymnastics class was canceled anyway) seemed like the perfect chance.

So while D. and C. were off at their training I cut a rectangle of the blue cotton knit, cut it into two triangles, cut slits in the sides of the skirt of the dress, sewed in the triangles, cut the hem and was just finished with the final hem seam when they got home just over two hours later. I am now happily wearing the skirt, and enjoying the fact that there is now enough room to sit cross-legged without straining the skirt fabric, and yoga was a joy to do without having to hitch up the skirt to move. The seams are not pretty (they never are when I use a sewing machine (the treadle, in this case, as it is the only one in the house that I like), and they could use some pressing, but I am happy to save the pretty seams for my hand-sewn Medieval costumes, not my edits to otherwise machine sewing modern around the house clothes.

I just noticed that it is after 23:00, so I should get to sleep. Tomorrow one of our PhD students will be defending his thesis, so I should be awake for that. Thursday we have a department seminar, with everyone giving a talk on what they have been up to recently. I have prepared a "Highlights of the Laser Lab" talk to share. On the weekend there is an SCA costume workshop on "really tight costumes", that I will be attending. Not that I need another sewing project, but while I have helped others with fitting late medieval tight (Greenland style) costumes, I have never gotten around to patterning myself for one, so this might be a good opportunity.


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