Apr. 14th, 2017

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Sadly, hot showers and sleep don't seem to have been enough, and today, in addition to a rather croaky voice (which I am avoiding using) I also have a sore throat and a slightly runny nose.

Therefore am taking it easy. Have has several naps and hot showers, read a bit, baked a broccoli and silverbeet pie (yay for a past self who had left a ready to bake pie crust in the freezer! But that was the last of them--next time I want pie it will be time to make a fresh batch of pie dough), and mended my tunic (my favorite linen tunic came out of the wash with a hole woren into it where the warp threads had worn away, so I darned it, and then did some preventaive darning in a few other areas that were also looking thin).

I have plenty more that needs doing, but getting off this couch sounds more daunting than usual, so who knows if I will accomplish anything. It would be smart to at least look over the guta on the silk banner we started at Frostheim lady night and touch up any breaks in the line so that we can start with painting on Thursday.


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