Apr. 13th, 2017

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I had it when I got to the Frostheim crafts/social night tonight, but very soon after I arrived it became hard to reply to questions as my voice was pretty much gone. This is kinda inconvenient. I sure hope that whatever took it isn't contagious, since we had 8 of us there tonight working on silk painted banners for the group (and a variety of personal projects, too). Luckily I don't really have any other symptoms, other than once every three or four hours I kinda want to cough. If I choose to do so (and it is, so far, totally optional) mostly nothing happens, but once this afternoon I managed to cough up a bit of yellow ick. Also luckily, it is a long weekend, so I can rest and, hopefully, avoid getting any sicker.

Yesterday I asked on Facebook for suggestions for leads to possible sites for Norrskensfesten, and one of my folk dance friends suggested Blackis, a place on the other side of town that is often used for dances, that I had never even heard of. The photos I have managed to find on line make it look promising, in that it has a room that looks plenty big enough to do the feast the way I like to run it, but with less crowding. However, I hear that its kitchen is kinda small. I have an appointment to go look at it on Tuesday, and see if we can make it work, or if I need to keep looking, or just decide to stick with the same site we have been using.


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