Apr. 7th, 2017

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For the first time ever I have woken up from a dream in which I had been speaking Swedish. David came in this morning to say goodbye before going to work, and as he kissed me he commented 'it is 08:20', to which I replied, "Ja, men det är fredag, och jag kan göra vad jag vill när jag vill". He went out the door and I realized that I had replied in Swedish to his speaking English. Then I could remember a few hazy snatches of whatever I had been dreaming--enough to realize that I had been speaking in Swedish in my dream, but not what we had been talking about, nor to whom I had been speaking.

This pleased me so much that instead of falling right back to sleep I picked up my phone and wrote to M. (to whom I always write in Swedish):

"Jag har drömt på svenska för första gången (som jag märkte det, åtminstone)! Just nu sovit jag fortfarande när David kom till mig för att saga 'hei då'. När han kysste mig han sagt "It is 20 after 08:00, och jag svarade (utan att tanka) 'Ja, men idag är fredag och jag kan göra vad jag vill när jag vill". Efter han gick ut av dörren märkte jag att jag hade svarat på svenska, och kunde nästan komma ihåg drömmen--bara tillräckligt mycket att vet att i drömmen hade jag pratat på svenska, men inte vad vi pratade om och inte heller vem jag pratade med."

Now I suppose that since I am awake I may as well do my situps and face the day. I can always nap later.
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Some of my friends in southern locations have flowers growing in their yards. We have snow that has melted enough that it is only about knee high over most of the yard, though the patch of ground between the walkway and the house has melted all the way to grass for most of that area.

However, the bike path has been completely clear all week, so I pedaled to work most days (one day I had to bring the car so that I could go replace the headlight, as I needed it that evening). A couple of the days it was cold enough in the morning that my breaks and gear shift were frozen, but, luckily, I don't actually need them to get to work, and it was above freezing on the way home each day. I have even managed to chop the softened ice away from most of the walkway. However, our driveway will be only treacherous ice for some days yet.

I love winter. Summer is nice, but I am not so fond of the transition periods, where we alternate between freezing and thawing, with all of the trials and tribulations that goes with that.

Today was an at-home day for me--my first in several weeks. I managed to sleep in, do some laundry, read some of my book, painted more on my banner (I started a new silk banner to replace the one that got stolen last summer at the Frostheim meeting last night, and took it home to continue work on it this weekend, so that someone else can use the frame next week), and spent several hours sending notes to loved ones. Now I think I will paint a bit more and do my yoga before crawling into bed with my book.


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