Apr. 4th, 2017


Apr. 4th, 2017 11:12 pm
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This morning when we woke up we had a visitor in our yard, perched atop a log of the bird-feeding station was a Great Grey Owl (or Lappuggla in Swedish). Much to our surprise, it stayed there, mostly looking out over the field, but occasionally turning its head and looking at us/the house. When D. left for work, it turned to look at him as he walked by, and ruffled its feathers a bit when he started the car and drove off. When I left for work a bit later it again turned to look at me, but didn't seem the least bothered by my presence. Note that none of us chose to approach it! One of the little birds, a blue tit, on the other hand, did approach and was bold enough to eat from the bird feeder less than a meter under the owl. The little brown birds, however, didn't dare get that close.


This is the first owl I have ever seen in the wild, and I enjoyed its visit so much I left for work rather later than I normally do. My boss, who is also a neighbor, so understood when I showed him the photo, and will be keeping an eye out in case it visits their house.

After work I drove to the shop that sells car parts and has good customer service, but the sign on the door announced that they had had a fire, and during the renovation they were operating out of another building some kilometers away. So I drove to the other building, and bought the replacement headlight that ceased to function on the drive home this weekend (luckily, the drive home was in daylight, so no one outside of the car noticed--but we had the warning light on the dash that made us stop and look to see which light was out). I like the way it works in Sweden--go in to the store, tell them your license plate number, and the computer tells them the make, model, and year of the car, so they can sell you the correct part. No need to think or guess on my part.

Then I went home and spent some time reading in Swedish, while listening to the audio book, because it is good practice. As a result I didn't try to actually install the headlight until after D. was home from work, which was a good thing, as I couldn't figure out out to get the bulb out from behind everything, even though I had read the instructions (in Swedish) in the manual. But he knew what he was doing, and quickly got it changed for me. If we ever need to do it again, perhaps I will be able to do it myself after having watched him. I hope we don't.

This evening was gymnastics, which was once again So Much Fun! I love that class, but am still glad that I spent a year pretty seriously training before I tried it. Tonight the focus was on training for backflips, with many stations of varying difficulty levels. I stuck to the easy ones, as they were challenging enough. Then for the final strength training part she said that she had decided that we would focus on legs tonight. She meant it. Ow! Then, when we were done with that she asked if we wanted to do arms and shoulders, too. We said "yes". Ow! So much fun! Now I really need to get to yoga (I so need to stretch again!) and get some sleep--I have a student using the laser lab bright and early tomorrow morning.


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