Apr. 3rd, 2017

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This weekend was Drachenwald Spring Crown. I drove down with three students, two of whom had class till 14:30, so we didn't actually get on the road till 15:00. This meant that we arrived at 21:00, just as court was about to start. There were two "party sleeping rooms"--rooms for people who are likely to be up late at night, and will want to sleep as late as their schedules will permit in the morning, but both were already quite full when we arrived, so instead of going with plan A (set up D&C's air mattress right next to my bed so that they had a place already when they finally arrived around midnight (since he had to work a full day Friday)) I wound up moving my friend H's bed a bit to the side and squeezing my bed between his and that of my minion in one of the rooms, and then moved a few other things to the side in the other to make room for D&C's bed in there. Not ideal, but better than sleeping in the room for people who want to go to bed and wake up early, since that is where small children with very loud morning voices sleep. (However, S, who drove down with D&C wound up moving to one of those "quiet" rooms anyway after sleeping in ours the first night, as the only place in our room that had room for her meant that others had to step over her to get to or from their own beds, and they did. Often.)

The site was lovely, with a balcony around the main hall, and both "party" sleeping rooms had doors opening on the balcony, which meant that I was able to set up my bed and get dressed, yet still pop out to the balcony often enough to see which very deserving people were getting awards. After I was all moved in I enjoyed the evening hanging out with people, and didn't get around to doing yoga till around 03:30 (which counts as 27:30 Friday night as far as my exercise log is concerned), yet still managed a full 35 minute session, since both H and T joined me, which made it much more fun to keep going.

Saturday I managed to get up at 08:30, which gave me time for breakfast before helping O into armour. There were 15 couples who had signed up to enter (which we must do at least a month before the event in this Kingdom), but two wound up having to drop out due to illness and injury, leaving 12 couples. Of this group there were 2 dukes, a count, three viscounts and a knight fighting, and my champion was not only the newest authorized fighter, he was the only fighter who didn't already have an AoA (the consorts included 5 countesses, a count, three viscountesses, and a pelican, and all of the others had at least an AoA).

They ran the tournament with first a single round-robin list, during which my champion managed one victory--a lovely shot to the fact of the Knight who went on to finals. After the first round robin list the top four fighters fought a best-two-of-three round robin list, after which the top two went on to the final round. I think that adds up to 20 bouts fought before one makes it to finals, so you can tell that stamina is valued here, and was really needed as all of the semi-final bouts were quite long.

The winner of the tourney managed to do so despite the handicap of not being used to fighting on loose gravel to provide traction despite the slush on the ground--a problem that didn't phase the Swedish entrants at all, since that is normal spring conditions here. (note that spring is MUCH further advanced down there--we still have thigh deep hard crusted snow left here, except for the little patch of bare grass right next to the side of the house where the sun's heat is reflected back, but there they had only a few cm of snow on the ground, all of which was kinda slushy in the warm (read "a couple of degrees above freezing") spring day.

After the tournament I had time for lunch before the Laurel's meeting, and then I finally got to check out merchant's row, where I managed to NOT buy more fabric from Medeltidsmode, even though so much of it is so lovely. I still haven't had time to sew the really beautiful fabric I got from them at Visby! I did however, pick up two small and one large wooden (on was birch bark) boxes that will be useful for keeping food in at camping events, from a "garage sale" merchant.

Then I did a performance of the poem I had entered in the Arts and Sciences competition (the link goes to the pdf of my documentation) to the people who happened to be hanging out in the vicinity of the A&S contest tables (it was this performance which was judged as part of my entry). After that I had time to change clothes into a dress (I had been wearing two layers of wool trousers and wool tunic and coat for the tourney, and when I came in just stripped down to linen tunic and one pair of trousers for a while) before court and evening feast. They had the thrones set up at one end of the hall, and high table at the other. Since I like to be able to hear court I claimed a corner of a table closest to the thrones, and a bunch of people I had never met claimed all the seats near me, which gave me a good excuse to visit with people I didn't know.

During court they called up all of the fighters in the tournament, and His Majesty first thanked them all, said good words of the entire tournament, then especially praised my champion and my minion, who were the two least experienced fighters in the list, yet two of the most enthusiastic. This made me quite proud of my household, but then his Royal Highness also stood up, and further echoed the praise for both of them, and gifted them with rings from his fingers, and I was even more pleased for them. During the same court my champion also received his award of arms, which further brought me joy.

I didn't eat any of the feast, of course, it being served well after my interest in food had turned off for the evening (I had brought some of my own food, to eat between the served breakfast and lunch, and between lunch and when I ceased to feel hungry), which left me free to wander the hall and visit with various friends, stopping occasionally back at my own seat to visit with the one's I hadn't known before. About mid-way through the feast the person running the A&S contest had me perform my poem again, and I got several compliments on it over the rest of the evening.

After the feast ended a bunch of us did dancing to live music, and much later in the evening (just after midnight), I changed back into tunic and trousers so that E and I could do some acroyoga. We were joined by a few others who wanted to give it a try. It was much fun. Then I did my normal yoga, and afterwards T. started massaging my calves for me, which caused me to start drifting off to sleep, so when she stopped I expressed my thanks and went to bed, at around 02:00.

Sunday I didn't get up till around 09:00, which still gave me plenty of time to enjoy breakfast, pack, visit with people, and still get off site at 11:30. This got me home at 17:30, which meant that I had time to make a quick pot of soup, eat some of it, and sill make it to our normal folk dance session only 15 minutes late. It felt great to move after six hours in the car (thanks to the students I needed only drive 1 of those hours myself, which meant good progress on my sewing (new underdress of that really nice white herringbone linen I bought during the Viking costume workshop we had in January) during the trip). However, I got tired and left about half an hour early, which meant only 1 hour of dancing for the day. As a result April's exercise log isn't looking as good as March's, yet (1.22 hrs/day so far this month , as compared to 2.07 hrs/day last), but with luck I will have both the time and energy to bring that total up before the month is over.

Today I managed to get to work this morning (I took the trike in, which means less time accumulated for the exercise than if I walked, but it also meant I got home sooner), and then went home and took a nap. After my nap I read for a bit, and fell asleep again. I must have needed it. Eventually I managed to get up and do the unpacking that I hadn't done last night due to going to dance, and then caught up on finances and other computer stuff. However, I should soon put down the computer and do yoga.

Oh, I realized that when I posted last weekend's event summary from the airport on my way home I forgot to change my log in to the DW account, so it posted only to LJ. Therefore I will copy-paste that here, and those of you who are still reading on LJ can skip the rest of this post as you have already seen it.

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