Mar. 24th, 2017

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This weekend's SCA event is somewhere in the greater Helsinki area. I had a choice on fast travel options: my local airport :(20 min drive from my house), fly to Stockholm/Arlanda airport and change planes, which also means changing terminals and going through security again, which means that one needs at least 1 hour between flights.

The other option was drive to the nearest Finnish airport, a two hour drive from my house, and fly direct to Helsinki.

I chose the latter. Last night I went to the Frostheim crafts/social night and hung out working on projects for 1.5 hrs. Then drove about an hour north to the town of Kallix, where my friend Å. lives. He has been down in southern Sweden for a few months, and just returned north this week, so it was nice to catch up with him, and to meet his new girlfriend.

We visited for about an hour, then I took a 5 hr nap and started driving again at 03:15. An hour later I was at the airport (but it was 05:15 due to the time change at the border), which gave me time to go to the toilet and then eat breakfast before going through security (which takes no time at all at such a tiny airport).

Then I had half an hour to sew before boarding the flight, which departed about 24 minutes later than planned, but, since it was my only flight, I didn't need to worry and could just enjoy sewing.

The plane was small enough to have propellers, and the stairs to the door were only five steps high. I was lucky enough to have a row (2 seats wide) to myself, so I got an hour nap and another 25 minutes of sewing time before we landed.

Now I am on the train to go meet V. On my way to the event. I will hang out at his place while he works and then head to site. This has been a very pleasant trip so far. So much nicer than flying through Stockholm.


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