Mar. 15th, 2017

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This morning I woke intending to do a full 45 minute workout. I managed 14. Then I planned to head straight out the door after getting dressed and ready. But first I played dulcimer and scrubbed the toilet, sink and mirror.

At work the plan was to analyze ancient Roman coins with E. Instead we wrote her abstract for an upcoming Geoarcheology confrence in the UK and I filled in lots of slides formy presentation on the laser lab for next week's lab demo day.

I had planned to leave early and spend time with O before Phire practice, but instead I applied for a micro travel grant for a confrence I want to attend this summer and finished editing a paper for a colleague.

It then being time to head to Phire, I planned to pack my stuff and head that way, but as I was about to go out the door O stopped by to see how it was going. So I revised my plan to walk with him as far as ICA (local grocery store) to buy some kvarg<\i> (a local dairy product that is richer in protein than yoghurt, yet still creamy, which, unlike yoghurt, can be purchased in small enough packages that it can be eaten in a single serving) and then take it to eat at practice.

Instead I took it to his place and ate it there, and spent some time cuddling before finally heading to practice.

However, no one was in the practice room, they were all outside practicing the fire performance for tomorrow's show (in which I am not participating), so I didn't get to do acroyoga.

Not wanting to wait ouside with them while they practiced, I returned to my office to do a few things before joining E & C at the AMT gymnastics training.

But then C called to say that they wouldn't make it this week. There wasn't enough time left to walk home and get my car, so C lent me hers and I went to training without them.

This week's training wasn't as much Fun as last week's, but was rather more on the challenging side, so being there was so worth it.

After training I planned to head home and go straight to bed. However, D & C were still up and doing some stretches, so I joined them.

Then I planned to take a hot shower and head straight to bed. But first I packed lunch and cleaned the shower, and after washing my self, I practiced dulcimer for a bit and typed up this.

But now I am too sleepy to type more.
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This evening was my first chance at working on my shoe project from the weekend. They had gotten pretty close to done this weekend--tonight I managed to finish sewing around the sole of the second shoe and then soaked them both so that I could turn them right side out.

Now I am sitting in the bathroom, with wet leather shoes on my feet, waiting for them to dry a bit. The soaking water turned really black from the leather dye in these, as did my fingers, which is why I am in the room with a tile floor. I don't want to stain the wood floors.

However, I won't have time to let them completely dry, since I am tired and should soon do yoga and go to sleep.

But they should be done enough to stitch the last seams, up the inside of ankles and over the points of the toes tomorrow at Frostheim crafts night. Perhaps I might even start the silk embroidery too, though I might wait to see if the Bergen University Museum replies to my email asking if they have better photos of the original.


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