Mar. 13th, 2017

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Since Crown tourney is coming up, I thought I should write some awards recommendations. Not wanting to forget anyone, I first opened the spreadsheet in which I keep attendance for our weekly social/crafts nights (and the special weekend crafts days as well). The next thing I knew I had compiled a list of the 35 people who have attended at least one of these sessions since this summer and then, for each of them, specified if they have an AoA, which (if any) of the three events held in Frostheim since this summer they have attended, how many of the crafts meetings they have attended, in which year they joined the Frostheim FB group, plus additional information for some of them if I have it (such as "joined through the local Archery group", or "joined through the local jester group", etc.)

When I was done the list, with bullet point comments for each person, spilled onto five sheets of paper. So I deleted two peers of the realm from the list (so that it fit on only 4 pages), and sent the list to the King and Queen, explaining that since I had compiled the list I wouldn't be sending any specific award recommendations, but that this list might be useful to supplement information from any award recommendations they may have received from other sources.

After sending I realized that nearly three hours had vanished while I was playing with data. Oops.

Now I should do my yoga and go to bed. I had a PhD student using the laser today, and my apprentice is booked for laser time tomorrow, and there are also several deadlines for other work stuff looming.


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