Mar. 11th, 2017

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Back in December C. was placing an order from an on-line store for some stuff for herself, and in the process talked me into ordering a sweater for myself. A kind of Norwegian looking thing in dark blue with white pattern and red edging. It arrived and I word it a couple of times before noticing that some of the white near the bottom had snagged on something and pulled out, leaving little holes in the blue where the white dots should have been. The rest of the threads where still there though--less than half the length of the yarn was out and hanging. So I folded the sweater and set it on my desk awaiting a day when I felt motivated to try to deal with it.

Today was the day, so I sat on the couch for a while this morning with a crochet hook and worked the hanging white threads back into (more or less) their places, and then used a needle and sewing thread to further anchor them where they should be. Then I got out the rest of the nice, soft, wool twill fabric from which I recently made another pair of Thorsbjerg trousers, and started using it to line the sweater, so that the long loose bits of white on the inside won't snag on anything again.

In four hours time I managed to get both sleeves lined, and the right front panel. Now the sweater is once again sitting on my desk awaiting time for me to be motivated to line the other front panel and the back panel. Therefore I am calling it half done, though it may be more than half way done. I am really liking how it is turning out, and once it is done this will make a nice summer jacket (it is a zip up sweater).

I have no idea when I will get back to this project though. Tomorrow is a shoe making course, and next weekend I head to an SCA event. The week in between is likely to be busy, and I have lots of SCA projects on going already.


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