Mar. 10th, 2017

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My exercise log for March continues to to be my best March ever, and it is closing in on my best month ever, at 2.64 hours/day (the record was a year ago February, where I managed 2.65 hours a day of physical activity over the course of the month). My food log continues to be really high. While my typical intake was 3 bowls of food each day, today I ate well more than 4, and my average for the month so far is 3.66 bowls a day (my favourite bowl is about 2 US measuring cups in volume). However, despite being hungry and eating lots, my weight (56.9 kg this morning) is only about 1.5 kg higher than what I consider my normal skinny weight, and I suspect that, other than the larger shoulders/arms from working out with lots of handstands etc., I look pretty much the same as I did 1 or 2 kg ago, and am quite content.

Today was a lovely day, and quite possibly the last decent winter day we will get, since it was nicely below freezing, but tomorrow, and at least the next nine days, are predicted to be above zero, with rain for at least one of them. Therefore I spent two half-hour sessions this morning shoveling snow from the walkway and driveway, so as to have as much gone as possible before it starts melting. It had snowed a nice, light, fluffy several centimeters yesterday and the day before, and it was time to get it moved.

LuleƄ gymnastics called an extra lunch time training session for this afternoon. Neither E. nor C. was able to join due to conflicts with classes, and I considered not going as I was hesitant to go alone. But I decided to do it anyway, and, as always, it was SO MUCH FUN! This week we are working on training for things that will help with a backwards vault when we get to them (some of my classmates are already there, but I am so not). One of the training things today involved setting one of the large firm foam blocks next to the really soft foam mat, laying down on the block (the top of which was about my waist height) so that my upper shoulders and head are in the air, but the rest of me is on the block, then use my abs to lift my legs up and over my head as I roll straight over and down, landing feet first, into the soft foam mat (plus or minus falling backwards into the foam afterwards).

Another exercise involved standing on a spring board with my back to a stack of thick foam mats that came, at the highest point, to the bottom of my shoulders, and inclined away from where I was standing. Bounce once on the spring board and leap backwards towards the stack of mats, while two spotters grab my legs and toss them up into the air so that I do a backwards summer-salt down the incline. Some of the other students, who have been doing the AMT class for more than a year now, can do this without the spotters to toss their legs. I am so not there yet.

A third exercise involved running along a length of firm foam mats, just before the end put your hands onto the mat for a cartwheel/round-up, flip over so that your legs land on the floor beyond the mat, then leap up, backwards onto another thick stack of foam, and then do a backwards summer-salt down the incline of that foam. The advanced students are able to run fast enough and jump high enough out of the cartwheel that they do their backwards summer-salt in the air above the stack of foam. I am much slower in my approach, and my jump after my feet hits the ground again is only sometimes firm enough to get enough of my body above the stack of foam so as to do something resembling a bad backwards summer-salt.

The part that makes it bad is that I still have issues with backwards summer-salts at all. For some reason, even though I get my hands in the correct position next to my head so that I can, in theory, push myself up with both hands the same amount and so do a nice, symmetrical backwards roll, it never happens that way--instead my right arm collapses and I wind up rolling partway to the side over my right shoulder instead of straight back.

I think this may be why I so like that first exercise--with no need to put my hands on anything as I roll off the tall foam block, I am able to do the roll directly backwards with no sideways component. :-)

Even though it wasn't part of today's official exercise, I could resist also doing some handstands at the edge of the soft foam mat, and then doing a roll down into the mat. My pause before I roll is getting noticeably longer, and I even got a "nice handstand" comment from one of the other students, who said that I had my shoulders in exactly the correct position. I may be a long way behind my classmates, but I have come so very far in only one year and a bit of training.


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