Mar. 8th, 2017

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My food log tells me that my intake has crept back up this month (my average since starting the log in 2008 is 3.03 bowls of food a day, but for this month it is 3.54 bowls/day). My exercise log, on the other hand, says my activity level is also high (my average hours per day since starting the log in 2005 is 1.49, but for this month it is 2.59 hrs/day). Now, I wonder, why is it that I am so hungry lately? :-P

Why is it so high? This morning started with 28 minutes of situps and other abs exercises before getting out of bed (while reading livejournal etc.), then I did a quick 12 minute upper body workout before leaving the house for my 45 minute walk to work. The morning at work flew by with questions from a PhD student on her upcoming laser session, and yesterday's master's student on his data reduction, and before I knew it it was time to meet my personal trainer for another 45 minute workout. He wants me to work more on strengthening my lats now, since other parts have gotten reasonably strong.

When I was done I ran into C. who had finished her cardio workout at the gym and would soon be taking the bus home. I have never gotten a bus card because, really, I would rather walk 45 minutes than wait 5 for a bus, but the driver will let one swipe a bus card more than once if there is more than one passenger, and I was hungry, so I grabbed my coat and pack from my office and joined her, which meant I got only 7 minutes walk home from work, but it also meant that I got to eat sooner, so my tummy was happy.

While eating I finally finished the book Tempelriddaren, which I have been slowly working my way through for six months (during which time I started and finished four other books). The first book in the series took me only three months, but this one has so much focus in the Holy Lands instead of Sweden that I found it really easy to not bother to pick it up many days. Yet it is good for me to read in Swedish, so I kept at it in between the other books, and finally managed to finish. I recently found out that we happen to have this series in audio book form, so my plan is to read the third one while I listen to it, and, with luck, it will go faster.


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