Mar. 7th, 2017

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This morning my dawn light was bright at 05:30, and I started my morning situps by 05:40. I was up and dressed by 06:04 and did a quick 20 minute workout (one of the ones my trainer gave me last summer) before my 45 minute walk to the office, where I had just enough time to eat a quick 2nd breakfast before meeting a student at the lab.

His project is to analyze some grains of titanite to see if they have sufficent concentrations of rare earth elements (REE) to make it a viable source. He had taken the sample to the scanning electron microscope (SEM) a week or so ago, but couldn't really see any REE in the samples. . However, the SEM isn't as good of a toolas my Laser-Ablation ICP-MS for seeing trace elements. Therefore I wasn't surprised that we had no problems seeing that there is not only REE presant in the titanite, but one can see patchy zoning.

We spent the morning analysing his ssmple, then I worked at editing a paper for a colleague while the student looked at his data on the spare computer in my office.

The next thing I knew it had been 8 hrs since arrivig for work and time to head to Phire practice, where I had ever so mush fun doinf acroyoga. After two hours of practice E, C, and I had an hour to relax before the 2 hr gymnastics course.

Now I am having problems staying awake to type this...


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