Feb. 18th, 2017

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Today has been an all-around wonderful day.

I got up at 05:30 and started washing the sheets from my bed and took the mattresses off of it and vacuumed under it. Then I had breakfast, mixed up and kneaded some bread dough, and then my acroyoga partner, E. came over (in a borrowed car) and picked me up to head to the extra session of the Avancerad Motorisk Träning at Luleå Gymnastics starting at 08:00. So much fun!!!

There were about eight of us today, which meant that we got more turns at every station (normally we are at least twice that many). Today for the first time we got to try a thing I have seen the kids do on Tuesday evenings while we are busy with other things. They have a large mushroom-shaped object (kind of like an over-sized foot stool) that the real gymnasts set their hands on, lift their body out to the side and swing it around, pausing just barely long enough to lift a hand out of the way of their own body, and then put it back on time to take the weight before their body swings around to the other side and they need to move the other hand. The kids practice this with their feet in a bucket hanging from a rope from the ceiling. It has looked fun. Today we tried it. Yes, with feet in the bucket. It is fun, but damn, it is also difficult. I couldn't manage it without dropping my hips to the mushroom when my body was pointed forwards.

On the other hand, I am now managing to hold a handstand a tiny bit longer before needing to drop into a roll, or put my feet back down, and I can now do the cart-wheels not only with my hands landing on the same line as I had been standing on, but I can (sometimes) do them between the two large foam blocks without hitting my feet against the foam, which means that I am actually getting my feet over my head.

I was home by 10:00, by which time D & C had finished breakfast and started on taking apart their bed, so I immediately joined them in the great re-arranging project. We took apart the downstairs bed frame, and her bed frame which has been in the upstairs bedroom, then we switched which bed is in which room (which required making a new wooden stand to put against the wall between the headboard of my bed and the wall, next to the wall mounted heater, to keep the bed sufficiently offset from the heater as to not cause problems).

We took a break around noon for lunch (I made myself a quick pizza using canned artichoke hearts, thawed spinach and kale, tomato paste and spices on some of that bread dough) after both beds were apart, the pieces of the upstairs one moved to the living room, and the frame of the downstairs one moved to the upstairs bedroom, and then finished up the rest after lunch.

Once the beds had moved she moved her clothes from the upstairs closet to the new wardrobes in the downstairs bedroom (that they assembled last weekend while I was in Uppsala) and I was able to move my SCA, Folk dance and Larp costumes from the one small closet in the office into the two small closets she had been using in the upstairs bedroom, which means that my costumes are no longer all scrunched together, which makes me happy. I then emptied her decorative stuff from the corner cabinet in the upstairs bedroom and filled it with some of my pretty boxes and baskets of sewing stuff, which had been filling up too much space on the project shelves in the office, and moved my stuffed animals from the bookcase in the downstairs bedroom to the upstairs bedroom.

This means that the bed I like to sleep in (and which doesn't hurt my back) is back in "my" bedroom, with "my" mountains on the wall, and "my" bookshelves full of much loved paperback books. It is so very nice to be back up stairs again. It has been kinda weird sleeping all winter in the downstairs room, which had been just a storage area and guest room, and, since (other than the aforementioned stuffed animals) none of the stuff stored in that room was mine, never felt like home. But now I will be sleeping in the room I love, decorated the way I want it, and I will, once again, be able to wake up in the morning and look out the window at the trees and see what sort of day it is. (I love living somewhere that I never need to close the curtains in my bedroom, as none of the neighbours can see the window from their properties.)

I managed to get the upstairs room put completely back together before it was time to head to town to watch a documentary called "Klimatsmarta jag", made by one of C's friends. It is about the "Be Change" project Luleå is doing. The seem to have done some sort of course for about 25 people, educating them on ways they can have a lower personal carbon footprint. Two of the participants were filmed for the documentary. They had their personal carbon footprint measured before and after the course, and, of course, both made substantial improvements. I am pleased to report that, even though there were no subtitles, I was still able to understand most of what was said in the film, so my Swedish really has gotten better. (However, I woulds still rather read than listen.)

After the film we went across the street to where the city has built a cute little Ice ... not quite castle, with several Ice Slides. Two little ones off the left side, and one big one out front from the highest tower. Even though I was wearing a skirt (over wool tights), I happily joined them on the slide. Besides, my wool coat is plenty long enough to slide upon. Much fun! I have been wishing all winter that we had managed to get the stones waiting to go into the earth cellar off of the field so I could have a sledding hill at the house (the Shire hot tub is in the way of the one area that doesn't have large stones), but going down the ice slide reminds me that really, this summer's highest priority really does need to be finishing the earth cellar (thus raising the hill in front of the house) and clearing those rocks so that next year I can have a proper sledding hill (and it had so better snow enough to enjoy it).

Now I am kinda tired so I should do yoga and get to bed. Tomorrow is another early day, since I will be picking up V. from the train station at 06:30 and taking him back to the apartment he shares with O and S. We will then hang out there (possibly nap) until time to head to fighter practice at 10:00. In the evening I hope I will make it to folk dance--we haven't been in several weeks, and I miss it.

(note: the subject line is meant seriously, I truly love to move house, but I seem to have gotten out of the habit, but re-arranging the furniture satisfies that itch nicely)


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