Feb. 4th, 2017

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This weekend O. and I drove south to out friends K & M (and their daughter A), who live in the country a bit south and inland from SkellefteƄ. On the way we stopped at L & E's house in Skelleftehamn to pick up some rattan for O., and while there she and I chatted about the School of Magic Lajv (loosely inspired by Hogwarts and Terry Pratchett's world) will happen this summer, at which I will play a visiting inspector from the European Ministry for Schools of Magic. I am still not certain if I will be investigating a specific complaint, or if it a routine inspection, but either way it should be fun.

We made the trip south because O has bern keen to do some long sword training with K and get help with his armour. I brought along some sewing projects, and it has been a lovely time of crafts, fighting videos, and pleasant conversation. K & M are only a bit younger than I and have been in the SCA since about 1994 (so pretty much since it first reached northern Sweden).

It has been quite a while since I last went to someone else's house to spend a craft weekend, and I am really enjoying it. Their cats are delightful to cuddle, and the atmosphere is nice and full of SCA stuff and other art that appeals to SCAdians.

I have nearly finished my second set of Thorsbjorg trousers--only the waistband to do now. I am quite happy with how they are fitting. This time I remembered to include the narrow rectangle that separates the left and right legs from the front of the waist around to the but. I think, perhaps, I could have made that a tiny bit narrower, but it is working. This time instead of thin leather for the soles of the feet I used sheepskin.

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