Feb. 2nd, 2017

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I am sitting on the living room couch watching tiny snowflakes gently falling on the other side of the window. I feel like I should go out and shovel, or at least pick up a project or a book, but it isn't happening. Then I remembered that I could pull out my phone and post to DW and LJ. (The eljay app won't let me see what people post to DW, but it does let me post there, and that still cross-posts to LJ. I wish I could read both locations from my phone, since so many of you only post th DW these days, but I have no clue what I could do to make that happen.)

I am surprised to be so out of energy today. I had felt like I might be coming doen with a sore throat on the weekend, so canceled Phire practice on Friday and heading to the Frostheim fencing thing on Saturday, and was feeling better after a lazy werkend (didn't even work out, and yoga sessions were short: 5 minutes on Friday 10 on Saturday, and 15 minutes on Sunday). By Monday I had the energy to walk to and from work, and do 50 minutes of yoga, but didn't try to do a workout. On Tuesday I managed to walk to and from work and attend the AMT class at the LuleƄ gymnastics association, which was much fun. However, during my second turn on the trampoline I managed to land a little wrong on my left foot right before jumping off into the soft mat (we were supposed to cross the trampoline in three jumps then jump off into the really thick squishy mat). I didn't quite twist the ankle--it didn't swell up or anything, but it did hurt a little at the moment of impact and made it clear I should take a break.

So I sat out the next turn or two and rubbed the ankle and then tried standing up, which was ok, so I took a cautious turn on the trampoline, doing a series of very tiny hops across it, and that went ok, too. On my next turn I tried the suggestion fro turn 1, which I hadn't managed on that try: jump high enough to extend legs outwards in front and land on my bottom and bounce high enough to get my feet under me again and keep bouncing. Much to my delight I managed it! (I wasn't able to accomplish this feat last week, either--I could get to landing on my but, not the part where I then returned to my feet.)

The rest of the evening I tried to be careful of the ankle, but I managed to do all of the assignments (other than one stretch at the end of the evening which would have put too much pressure on it, so I did a different stretch).

On Monday morning it was still feeling a bit iffy, so I rode with D. to his office and then did the normally 8 minute walk to my office in 9 minutes, since I was trying to tale it easy. By lunch time it had quit feeling "iffy", and I met E. at the gym, where we did a short acroyoga warm up then did my normal workout (but going back to the 30 seconds interval training, as neither of us felt up for 45 seconds). After the workout I walked home and felt very happy that my energy levels had returned to normal.

I ate, took a nap, and then got ready to go trade massage with my friend S., who has moved into one of the rooms O's apartment. About that time my nose started being a little drippy, but I really wanted that massage after two days of workouts after several days off, so I went anyway.

I did her massage first, then she went to transfer laundry, and O, who had come home, came in to give me a kiss and be sweet and affectionate.

Then I got my massage, and boy did I need it! She did a Thai style massage that included crawling in my back and legs with full weight on her knees and arms, and it felt so good to have so much pressure on sore muscles (but I am glad she is such a tiny person).

After the massage I needed to get home, so O. walked me to the car and encouraged me to come over after work/around lunch the next day. I told him I would let him know, but it sounded lovely.

My nose by then was dripping more so I took a hot shower befor yoga, and managed only 11 minutes of yoga before heading to bed, where I sent an email to my colleagues letting them know That I might not make it to our 09:00 meeting if I didn't feel better. I had also sent O a note before the shower saying "I don't know yet. Am about to take a seriously hot shower to see if my nose will stop dripping long enough to do yoga. What I do tomorrow will have to depend on how healthy I am feeling" (that note ended with a sad face, but that looks funny with the close quotation mark, so I have removed it).

This morning when I woke the dripping had slowed, so I got up, took another hot shower, got dressed, ate breakfast, packed lunch, decided that all that had taken too long to walk 45 minutes to the office, but since it was a nice warm -2 C I could take the bike and get there in 25 instead, and thus have time to settle i befor that meeting. But just pedaling out of the neighbourhood took enough energy that even before I crossed the water by the Nature reserve I turned back.

I got home 20 minutes after leaving the house (even though I hadn't gone 1/4 of the way), and had exactly enough energy to use my phone to email collegues to say I wouldn't be at the meeting, and email the "sick registration" address to say I wouldn't be in. Then went to sleep. As I drifted off I thought about sending O a message too, but was too tired to reach for the phone. This was a mistake.

I woke at 12:40 to several messages and missed calls from him wondering what the plan was. Oops. I sent a text and explained that I had stayed home sick and apologised for not telling him, and he replied with a text complained about not accomplishing anything as he expected me to come over and he didn't want to start moving furniture to get his computer set up in his new room if I were going to arrive any minute. The conversation didn't get any better from there, and eventually we gave up.

So now it is 15:00 and I have managed to have another hot shower, eat some oatmeal, watch the snow fall, and type this. My tea has finally cooled enough to drink, so I will do that before deciding if I am going to do anything more with my day.


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