Jan. 28th, 2017

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Some of you may recall that I spent many weeks in the spring/summer working on a grant application to get us a post-doc through the Marie Sklodowska Curie mobile researcher program. At the time I carefully read the rules about how much time the researcher can have spent in the new country before applying, and our potential post-doc qualified. However, this weekend I got a "rejected" email for a grant application, in which they didn't even evaluate the proposal, they just claimed that the applicant wasn't eligible because she has been too long in Sweden.

Preparing the application was a major undertaking over several months, wherein we wrote up a proposal stating what research project she would undertake, why this research is important to Europe & Science, why she is the perfect person to undertake just this project, and why LTU is the perfect location in which to do the research) We didn't necessarily expect to get the grant, even though we were certain it was a good proposal, because there is usually only about a 11% success rate for these specific grants. However, we thought it would be worth trying (if one doesn't ask the answer is already "no") because the feedback from the evaluators is a very good thing to have, it would be nice to see if I managed to get a better score than when I tried for one of these for myself six years ago when I first moved to Sweden, and we can always re-use much of the proposal for another application.

So I am a little grumpy with them at the moment--if they thought it was not eligible they could have said that months ago, when we submitted the application, then, assuming I am correct (I need to double check the paperwork on my office computer on Monday), I could have filed an appeal back then. Now, even if I do file an appeal and they say "oh, sorry, you are correct", they will likely have already spent all of the money in the budget on the other applications before they look at this one again.


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