Jan. 17th, 2017

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Tonight at Phire practice we did Acroyoga, and I was delighted to discover that while before Christmas break B. and I had trouble finding the balance for him holding me up in the air over his head while I hold my body out flat like superman, today it was easy. Likewise, when we tried the one where he takes a slight squat so that I, standing behind him, can step up onto his thighs so that he can reach my ribs and then lift me up over his head as I invert myself into a "handstand" holding onto his arms, it was easy. I remember back when we first started learning this I had to jump, struggle and kick to try to get my feet in the air in that pose, and now I just lift them.

All of that went so well that when we were done with the acroyoga I tried something new--while standing in a handstand, feet resting against a wall, I spread my feet a bit further apart for balance, shifted my weight, and then lifted on arm up to my hip and left it there for a bit. Then put it back, shifted to that hand, and put the first on my hips, too. I tried several more times just to prove that it wasn't a fluke. I am, in fact, now strong enough to stand on one hand! I still want the comfort of my toes against the wall, but that is clearly not because I am not strong enough...


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