Jan. 14th, 2017

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Last night my friend M asked what I had planned for the evening, and I replied that I would talk with D & C. M replied (in Swedish), that it sounded like a nice evening, and offered good wishes that it be so. Hours later I replied (in Swedish) that part of the evening was nice, but another was stressful, but we three had talked, and now understood what/how it happened, and how we might be able to avoid similar situations in the future.

This morning I woke to find a message saying Vad är källan till all stress i vad som borde vara en lugn och avslappnande stund?, so I answered it )
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Today Frostheim sponsored a workshop in Viking costuming. The teacher came up from Sundsvall, but she grew up in Luleå, so Frostheim counts her as one of our own, even if she moved south.

She started the morning with an hour or so lecture on the various finds that give us information on Viking costume. I especially enjoyed this part because I have read enough on the topic I was able to follow all of the lecture, even though it was in Swedish. Then we had a short lunch break, and she gave a second talk on the various styles of clothing types in various parts of Viking era Scandinavia.

After that she displayed the various fabrics she had with her for sale, and some of us made purchases. (Yes, of course I did, never mind the fact that we have plenty of fabric, as the post I did the other day confirms. We didn't have anymore nice white linen twill, and now I do.)

Then people started cutting out costumes for themselves. I didn't start one of my own, yet (but there is linen in the washing machine now, so I may well do so tomorrow), but I helped my acroyoga partner, E, cut out a wool tunic for herself, and consulted with a few other people on their options.

There were 16 of us there (including the teacher), five of whom are still fairly new to the SCA, and it was all in all a very good day. Tomorrow we will met again, followed by our first folk dancing session of the year.


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