Jan. 11th, 2017

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When D. got home from work today we took a sauna. Been a while since we bothered to turn it on, it was nice. Then I did a nice long yoga session, holding poses for 45 seconds each. Then we sorted fabric.

Up until today our fabric stash was sorted first by fiber (linen vs wool for the most part), then by colour. However, since our shire has a Viking costuming workshop this weekend, we thought it might make sense to bring some fabric with us for projects, and, of course, this made us wonder what pieces of fabric are personal property of one of us and not available, and which ones were generally available.

So we took it all out, organized it into piles, printed labels to pin onto each piece, and put them all back. Now there is one cabinet of wool and linen (all of decent, but not stunning quality) that is generally available for whomever feels for using it first, one cabinet for my "don't touch" really nice stuff I got at Visby this summer, and all of the other bits that belong to me, but might be available for someone else if they ask. The next cupboard is for fabric that belongs to both D. and I that might be available, but you'd have to ask both of us, plus the stuff that belongs to him that you have to ask about, and the final cupboard for the stuff that belongs to C., also labeled as to if it is just hers, or if you are free to ask if interested. So much nice fabric, need more sewing time. However, before I finish any new costumes we really should get to that part about making a larger closet for the costumes...

In other news, the weather has been horrid, again. It warmed up above freezing, again, and the snow is melting enough that the walkways are not so pleasant. I miss real winters. Meanwhile my friends in the states are complaining, because they got the snow I wanted.

Now I should head to bed and get some sleep.


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